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This magnetic railway covers nearly 1,000 kilometers per hour

Thanks to the special technology, the costs are also not as high as for similar vehicles.

The so-called seed juice– trains are that the trains do not roll in a circle, but rather literally float above the rail thanks to magnetism. This enables amazing speeds, since the vehicle does not have to overcome the friction of the wheels, but can practically fly, i.e. without touching the rails.

The first maglev trains were put into operation in Japan in the 20th century. in the 1970s, but it was experimented with in Germany and Russia, and the first non-experimental maglev train, i.e. suitable for transporting passengers, was launched at Birmingham Airport in 1984.

The top speed of the special maglev train will be almost 1000 km/h
The top speed of the special maglev train will be almost 1000 km/h

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any working maglev assemblies left in Europe, but similar ones are still operating in the Far East, South Korea, Japan and China. The current news is also about a Chinese project, the aim of which is to put vehicles twice as fast as the Shanghai Maglev train into operation.

This is no small undertaking, as the top speed of the Shanghai Maglev reaches 460 km/h, but according to the plans, the machine developed in the Heilongjiang province in the north-eastern part of the country should be able to travel almost 1,000 kilometers in just one hour.

The speed of the maglev train developed by the Chinese company World Artery will be exactly 994 km/h, which the investors hope can seriously boost tourism in the province. In the project, a Hyperloopwould use a solution similar to , because the trains would travel in a tube sealed with a weak vacuum, which further reduces friction, thereby enabling hair-raising speeds relatively economically, with safety considerations in mind.

The ultra-fast maglev project is currently in the preparation phase, for which investors are also being sought. If it can be implemented, it could put public transport on a completely new footing, which would further reduce travel times between regions that are further apart.

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