Home Android News This Nintendo Switch controller is ridiculously cheap for Black Friday

This Nintendo Switch controller is ridiculously cheap for Black Friday

This Nintendo Switch controller is ridiculously cheap for Black Friday


I play my Nintendo Switch for at least 30 hours each week, and I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t like the feel of the Joy-Cons. They don’t have an ergonomic design, and they’re so small that my hands cramp up within a few minutes of using them. That’s why I quickly invested in more traditional Switch controllers. While many people consider the Pro Controller to be the very best option, I much prefer YCCTEAM’s third-party option.

It provides all the features of the Pro Controller including rumble, motion controls, and even amiibo scanning, which many third-party controllers do not support. I also like that the controller has more of a textured design on it giving more control, whereas my Pro Controller became worn and somewhat slippery after several hours of use. Plus, YCCTEAM’s Switch controller is significantly cheaper than Nintendo’s official one. Today with Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, it’s even cheaper still!

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch controller deal | Save 44%

Yccteam Switch Pro Controller

YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch Controller | Save 44%

This third-party controller feels great in your hands and offers all of the same functions as the Pro Controller. It has rumble, motion controls, and even amiibo scanning. It comes in blue, red, or black.

$13.99 at Amazon

It has an internal battery, so you just have to charge it up between uses with a USB-C cable and you’ll be set. One of the biggest design differences in YCCTEAM’s Nintendo Switch Controller is that the Home button is a giant circle in the top middle, making it very easy to access rather than fumbling around for the small button on official controllers. This also makes this controller have a layout similar to Xbox or PlayStation controllers, which I find to be more comfortable.

It doesn’t weigh quite as much as the Pro Controller, but it’s plenty hefty enough for me to be comfortable while playing the best Nintendo Switch games I own. So, seriously, if you’re looking around for good Nintendo Switch accessory deals this Black Friday, you really ought to consider this controller. It’s frankly one of the best, not to mention one of the cheapest options out there.

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