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This quantum battery is the solution to energy storage problems: it does not run out

In the future, quantum technology will be key.

This quantum battery is the solution to energy storage problems: it does not run out
The energy efficiency problem could be solved in an unexpected way

The quantum technology He wants to revolutionize absolutely everything. From computing to other points of technology that we had ignored until very recently. In this way, some new discoveries such as purple bronze They are going to help us make these advances possible. In the end, quantum computing is a field of knowledge incredibly difficultin fact, sometimes it is very difficult to even communicate about it.

But every time there is more news about it given that the progress that is being made They can be truly transcendental in the coming years. On this occasion it is time to talk about the quantum batteriessince great progress has been made that can allow saving energy practically indefinitely.

The battery that can change everything

A group of researchers from Japan and China have joined their research efforts with the aim of creating quantum batteries that work really efficiently. To do this, they have had to break some rules that until now were immovable, what is normally known as the cause and effect principlewhich, as its name indicates, advocates that for there to be an event (B), something (A) must first occur to cause it.

In this case, they have sought to ensure that the order can be altered without problems, for which they have used the theory of Indefinite Causal Order (ICO), creating an intricate system of laser lights, mirrors and lenses to reflect them. The results have been very good and raise the possibility of creating quantum batteries in the future to store energy that is practically not dissipated at any time and that can also be extrapolated to photovoltaic or wind generators without problems.

Although much progress is being made on the path to quantum batteries, the truth is that this type of battery is still they are very green. That is to say, there is still much to be done in its study. It is not something really strange, since we find that quantum technology is really susceptible to changes over time or to any alteration. This means that, although it is very interesting as a technology to take into account They continue to be a challenge for engineering.

In any case, over the years we find that science and technology have been giving big steps in quantum technologySo it is not strange that we will see more news about it very soon. After all, we can even buy the first commercial quantum computer.

Everything can be summarized in the following points:

  • Tokyo and Beijing have joined forces to break the existing barrier with quantum batteries.
  • It is the most incredible energy storage system that exists today.
  • It is sustainable and practically inexhaustible.
  • To do this, they have had to challenge the principles of cause and effect existing.
  • To do this, they created the Indefinite Causal Order through a complex system of mirrors, lenses and lasers.
  • It can be used for many functions, including renewable energy.

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