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This robot vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying base and 4000 PA of power drops more than 100 euros

The Dreame firm is one of the notable ones in this autonomous cleaning sector that comes from Xiaomi, like many others.

This robot vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying base and 4000 PA of power drops more than 100 euros
The Dreame D10 Plus allows you to vacuum up to 170 minutes on a single charge and avoid all types of obstacles with its LiDAR navigation

Do you want a Vacuum cleaner robot to save you time when cleaning your house? You can buy a simple one or opt for one with free baseto avoid having to empty the tank after each vacuum. In this sense, this type of robots They usually have prices close to 1000 eurosbut there is a highly recommended model that today costs 399.90 289 euros on Amazon.

Its about Dreame D10 Plusof an ersatz signature Xiaomi that offers great suction power, a very long-lasting battery and the best navigation system for a robot of this style. Be careful because in PcComponentes and in El Corte Inglés You also have them for 289 euros for a limited time.

Dreame D10 Plus

Buy a great robot vacuum cleaner for a groundbreaking price

Dreame D10 Plus Navigation

With its laser it can detect objects up to 8 meters away.

The Dreame D10 Plus robot vacuum cleaner is a smart device that allows you to clean your house comfortably and efficiently. With a 4000 PA suction powera system of LiDAR laser navigation and a long-lasting battery, the Dreame D10 Plus can sweep and mop all types of floors, adapting to different surfaces and obstacles.

One of the main advantages of the Dreame D10 Plus is that it has a charging base and automatic emptyingwhich allows it to collect dust and dirt silently and precisely, without you having to worry about its maintenance. The base has a 2.5 liter capacityso you can forget about emptying it for approximately 45 days. You just have to buy a pack of these bags to always have spare parts.

Dreame D10 Plus Base

The base includes a 2.5 liter capacity bag that you won’t have to empty for more than a month and a half.

Additionally, the Dreame D10 Plus can be control from your smartphone through the Xiaomi Home applicationwhere you can schedule cleaning times and days, select cleaning modes, create maps of your home, and establish restricted or custom zones. You can too use your voice to give orders to the robotsince it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

On the other hand, it integrates a 5200 mAh battery capable of withstanding cleaning for up to 170 minutes in Eco mode. Its navigation system is very preciseand can map an area of ​​100 square meters in just 8 minutes. With its innovative algorithm you can create totally accurate maps of each roomas well as seeing objects at a distance of 8 meters.

Dreame D10 Plus

The Dreame D10 Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner that offers a Great value for the pricesince it has advanced functions and an elegant and minimalist design. Today you can take advantage of the offer from several stores and buy it for only 289 euros, a very competitive price for a robot in its category.

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