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this Samsung microSD card drops at half price for a limited time

Get a Samsung microSD card with 256 GB of memory with more than 50% discount thanks to a bargain that only lasts a few hours.

256GB of memory for only 14 euros: this Samsung microSD card falls at half price for a limited time
This Samsung microSD card has 256 GB of memory and a discount that exceeds 50%.

If you often suffer from the message of insufficient space on your mobile phone, on your tablet or on your camera, a microSD card can become your best friend. It is not necessary that you use a lot of money in its acquisition, because the Samsung EvoPlus 256GB stars in a real offer. Its original sale price is 34 eurosbut now you can buy it for only 14 euros in Miravia.

to enjoy this discount that exceeds 50%you just have to download the Miravia app on your mobile, log in with your account and proceed to the purchase. Once you are on the Samsung Evo Plus 256 GB page, tap on the discount coupons button and apply the welcome coupon of 5 euros. Shipping is free, so you only have to pay 14 euros to get this quality microSD card. You must take into account, yes, that the offer is only Available during this Thursday May 18.

For you to see how incredible this price is, we mentioned that On Amazon you can buy the same model for 20 euros. It’s even more expensive in the official Samsung storewhere it remains at the original 33.99 euros.

Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB

Buy this memory card with 256 GB for only 14 euros

The Samsung Evo Plus sits between The best microSD cards of the moment for many reasons. First of all, due to the great capacity it offers, with 256 GB memory that will come in handy for you save more images, to install more apps and, in general, to say goodbye to the annoying warning of insufficient space. If you use this microSD card on your mobile or tablet, you will surely notice that the performance improves.

This Samsung Evo Plus has a read and write speed up to 130 MB/s, so you can record new data quickly, transfer it to other devices, and also play the content you store without any problem. It is capable of recording videos in high resolution, in case you want to use it with your camera.

As for space, according to the manufacturer you can save 15 hours of 4K videos40 hours of videos in Full HD, 103,566 images in 4K resolution and 135,036 photos in Full HD. As you can see, it is a model that has plenty of space to store all your files. being A category A2 microSD cardIt is perfect to also be used with your mobile phone. Can open apps quickly and run them without any problem.

Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB

Another strong point of this Samsung Evo Plus is that it is extremely resistant, is prepared to withstand the most extreme conditions. It resists water, high temperatures, X-rays, falls and wear when used for several years. In short, it is a microSD card perfect to be used for a long time.

We remind you that this Samsung Evo Plus with 256 GB of memory has a brutal offer in Miravia, drops to 14 euros if you use the discount coupon of 5 euros Welcome for new users. It is a reliable store, you will not have to pay shipping and you will have the card at home in a matter of days.

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