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This smart watch costs less than 35 euros and is the best seller on Amazon, although you don’t know it

Bluetooth calls, 1.85-inch screen and more than 110 sports modes in this smartwatch for just over 30 euros

This smart watch costs less than 35 euros and is the best seller on Amazon, although you don't know it
This smart watch has a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch, with the notable difference that it costs less than 35 euros

When you consider purchasing a smart watch, the first brands that come to mind are some like Samsung, Apple oh Xiaomi. However, none of these can boast of having the best-selling smartwatch on Amazon. That achievement belongs to Nerunsa and, specifically, the Nerunsa P66B. Although doesn’t sound familiar to you at allThis is the smart watch that usually leads the best-seller list in the popular store.

If we see its characteristics and its usual priceIt is totally understandable that this model is so successful. First of all, you should know that it has a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch, a 1.85 inch large screen and features as advanced as Bluetooth calls. Secondly, it is important to highlight that it has an original price of 89.99 euros, but the normal thing is that you can buy it for only 30-40 euros on Amazon.

The latter, its affordable price, is one of the reasons for the success of the Nerunsa P66B. And, in short, you can buy a smartwatch very complete for just over 30 euros. On Amazon it has already accumulated more than 11,000 reviews, with a average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Without a doubt, it is a purchase that is very worthwhile in relation to quality and price, and one of the best cheap smart watches on the market.

Nerunsa P66B

This is the best-selling smart watch on Amazon

The first thing you should know about this Nerunsa P66B is that it is a very comfortable watchYou can wear it all day long. In addition, it is also very pretty, with a square screen and a side button that reminds us of the Apple Watch. As for color, the shades that are usually on sale are black, gray, orange, violet, white and dark blue.

You will see the content in a large screen, 1.85 inches specifically. This panel has the quality necessary for you to see the images in any situation, both indoors and in broad daylight. Also, you will like to know that you can decorate this screen with over 200 watch faces different ones that will allow you to play with the design of the watch.

The function that really stands out in this Nerunsa P66B is the Bluetooth callsbut how do they work? Well, you just have to connect the smartwatch to your mobile via Bluetooth to be able to use the first of them to send and receive calls of the second. The Nerunsa P66B has a speaker and microphone, so communication can take place without any problem. That way, you won’t have to reach for your cell phone or take it out of your pocket to talk.

This smart watch will also help you read notifications that you receive on your mobile, to control music playback and to set alarms, among other options. Wait, because there is more. It has more than 110 sports modes with which to track your physical activity and with health tools very useful, such as heart rate analysis.

Nerunsa P66B

We still have to talk about the battery of this Nerunsa P66B, which holds several days of use on a single charge. It will always depend on your personal use, but normally you will not need the charger every day. Finally, also keep in mind that it has waterproofso you can take it in the shower or pool without fear of damaging it.

All these features that we have mentioned belong to a smart watch that you can buy on Amazon for 30-40 euros. As you see, the value for money is very goodThat’s where his secret to success is. If you are looking for a good, pretty and cheap smartwatchThis Nerunsa P66B is a more than interesting option.

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