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This smartwatch with a discount of 120 euros is the best buy

Our favorite offer is back, the one that allows you to buy the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for only 180 euros. Without a doubt, for this price there is no better purchase.

A beast in the form of a watch: this smartwatch with a discount of 120 euros is the best buy

One of our favorite offers has returned to Amazon, the one that allows you to buy the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for only 180 euros, a bargain with capital letters. Without a doubt, for less than 200 euros, this smart watch from Mobvoi is the best you can buy. In addition to being able to use Google applications, you will enjoy all the power of a processor like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100.

This high-end smartwatch drops in price thanks to the discount offered by Amazon. To be able to enjoy it, you must activate the box “Apply €30 coupon”, which appears below the price. Then, you just have to proceed to buy it and you will have it at home in just a few days. The recommended retail price of this model is 299.99 euros, so you take it for 120 euros less. There is one thing you should keep in mind, and that is that this discount coupon only is available until August 15.

There are many features that make the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS the best smart watch you can buy for less than 200 euros, so we are going to review them so that know well what you are going to buy.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Buy the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for only 180 euros

A beast in the form of a watch: this smartwatch with a discount of 120 euros is the best buy

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has an impressive offer that makes it drop to 180 euros.

As a good high-end watch that it is, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has an exquisite design that combines beauty, resistance and comfort. This is thanks to the materials chosen by the firm, which has opted for stainless steel, high-strength nylon and fiberglass for its construction. It is a smartwatch that looks great when we wear it on the wrist, with the option of easily change your strap when we feel like playing with its design.

The brain of this TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor, which has plenty of power and is also good in terms of energy efficiency. accompany you 1 GB of RAM and Wear OS operating system, which gives access to applications such as Google Maps and Spotify. Special mention deserves Google Pay, which allows you use the watch to pay for your purchasesas we see in the image above.

Get the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for only 180 euros at Amazon until August 15.

Another special feature of this device on sale is the dual screen. Yes, as you read, it has two screens. On the one hand, it has a 1.4-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels which is the one you will see when you want to get the most out of the clock. On the other hand, when you want to save battery, it is best to use the transparent screen with FSTN technologywhich will only show you the main data in black and white.

There are many functions that this TicWatch Pro 3 GPS equips, all of them very useful. For example, if you connect it to your mobile, you can use it as a means to send and receive phone calls. You’ll also be able to receive notifications, view weather information, and control music playback, among other options.

In the sports section, you can use the smart watch to perform an analysis of your workouts. He doesn’t lack the gps to record the route waterproof, so you can also wear it when you swim. Switching to the health functions, the most prominent with the constant heart rate analysis and blood oxygen monitoring.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

You will be able to enjoy all these tools during 3 days in a row on a single chargebecause the 577mAh battery. If you give it a lighter use, the autonomy will be greater. What’s more, the battery life can reach up to 45 days if you choose to use the transparent screen.

In short, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is a smart watch that equips the most advanced functions on the market. Buy it for only 180 euros It is a great opportunity, although remember that It will only be possible until August 15 on Amazon.

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