Home Latest Feeds Technology News This spider-shaped crane could revolutionize the installation of wind farms

This spider-shaped crane could revolutionize the installation of wind farms

This spider-shaped crane could revolutionize the installation of wind farms


With the help of a Norwegian startup’s innovation, offshore wind turbines practically build themselves.

In recent decades, among the renewable energies, solar energy has achieved by far the largest growth globally among the available alternatives. Although the technology is more and more mature, where the number of hours of sunshine per year is low, it may not be the best decision to invest in a solar power plant.

Even though wind energy, which is also exposed to natural conditions, can be good in areas where there is a lot of violent air movement on a daily basis as opposed to few hours of sunshine, the construction of the infrastructure is significantly more complicated than in the case of solar parks.

This solution is preferred by some of you, private companies and energy consortia, it is rarely a solution at the household level. A Norwegian startup, WindSpider, has now developed an installation method that can make it easier to start wind energy investments.

The lightweight crane system developed by the company practically builds the offshore wind turbine by itself after the tower is erected. The energy company is taken seriously in the sector, so Energy Transition Norway has also entered into a partnership with them, and since December 2022 they have been supported by the German global energy company RWE.

In early March, WindSpider announced an agreement with Leirvik Group, another Norwegian company specializing in the assembly of aluminum structures. The partnership allows WindSpider to build its specialty cranes entirely out of aluminum.

Although you might think that due to the lightness of the structure, the building will not be massive enough, but this is not the case at all. The device will have a lifting capacity of more than 1,500 tons for turbines of up to 20 megawatts (MW). The special feature of the innovation is that once the tower is built, there is actually not much left for the contractors to do.

The crane uses the tower as a support to install additional parts of the turbine. The turbine tower functions as a support structure, thus eliminating the relative movement between the crane and the turbine. A crane named Dolly that slides up and down the frame lifts and places the parts in place.

Then the so-called Blade Tool, which also moves up and down, on the one hand keeps the blade stable while it is connected to the turbine. Unlike conventional cranes, WindSpider’s self-elevating construction has no weight or height limitations, so WindSpider says it will be rugged even in the toughest and most extreme environments. Compatible with both fixed and floating wind turbines.

According to WindSpider, his invention could revolutionize the industry by reducing the cost of offshore wind farms by more than 50 percent.



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