Home Android News This ultra-cheap tablet offers you everything you need for about 150 euros, and it is not Xiaomi or Samsung

This ultra-cheap tablet offers you everything you need for about 150 euros, and it is not Xiaomi or Samsung

This ultra-cheap tablet offers you everything you need for about 150 euros, and it is not Xiaomi or Samsung


We have tested it and we think it is a very interesting option if you are looking for an economical tablet for everyday use.

This ultra-cheap tablet offers you everything you need for about 150 euros, and it is not Xiaomi or Samsung
This ultra-cheap HONOR tablet is very useful for basic tasks, such as watching series or searching for information in the browser

Alabama look for a cheap tabletwe think of brands like Xiaomi, Samsung oh real me. However, there are other manufacturers that also have very interesting models under 200 euros. One of them is HONORwhich has in its catalog a HONOR Pad X9 that we have analyzed and what does a tablet look like to us? very complete for daily use from day to day.

This HONOR Pad X9 has a quality design, a large screen with high resolution and fluidityand a processor that can execute the most common tasks without problems. Therefore, you can use the tablet to view multimedia contentto browse Chrome, to see the latest posts on social networks or to write in a word processor without problems. Furthermore, also performs very well in terms of autonomy.

Another aspect why we recommend this HONOR Pad X9 is in the great discounts who stars. It has an original retail price of 249 euros, but In AliExpress Plaza you can buy it for about 160 euros habitually. The offers are also very good in Amazon and in the HONOR storewhere you can find it for about 180-190 euros. Therefore, you can get a good tablet and, at the same time, save up to 90 euros in your purchase.

HONOR X9 pad

Why the HONOR Pad X9 is the ultra-cheap tablet you are looking for

The HONOR Pad X9 is an economical tablet that is very useful for leisure tasks, but also for others related to studies and work. First of all, because it equips a Qualcomm Snapdragon 685 processor which can execute those tasks with ease. For example, the HONOR Pad X9 performs well when you use it to watch videos, type in a word processor or spreadsheet, read documents, or browse Chrome.

This tablet equips a rear camera and a front camera, both 5 megapixelswhich implies that you can also use it to take photos and participate in video calls. This last feature confirms that the HONOR Pad X9 is one of the best cheap tablets for students you can buy. You can use it to do work, to read lessons, to take notes and also to talk with colleagues through video calls.

The HONOR tablet offers good performance for basic use for much less than 200 euros.

Among the great strengths of the HONOR Pad X9 is also the 11.5 inch LCD screen scam 2K resolution (2000 x 1000 pixels) and refresh rate of 120 hercos. This panel offers good quality images that stand out especially for their sharpness and fluidity. In addition to good images, the tablet offers good sound thanks to the 6 speakers that mount on its sides.

Although it is very economical, the HONOR Pad X9 also achieves good marks in terms of autonomy. The 7,250 mAh battery easily reaches the full day of usesurpassing it even if you do not use the device in a demanding way. Moving on, it is worth mentioning that its initial operating system is MagicOS 7.1 based on Android 13.

HONOR X9 pad

Finally, when analyzing this HONOR tablet it also surprised us its good construction quality. The HONOR Pad X9 is built in aluminum, which allows it to be as light as it is resistant. It weighs only 495 grams and is 6.9 millimeters thick, making it comfortable both in use and in transportation. As for color, it is available in a unique space gray tone.

Taking into account that you can normally buy it for about 150 euros, You couldn’t ask for more from this HONOR Pad X9. Take advantage of their usual price drops on AliExpress Plaza, in Amazon and in the official HONOR store to get a good tablet for basic use at a groundbreaking price.

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