Android Newsthis ultra-resistant watch has 18 days of autonomy and...

this ultra-resistant watch has 18 days of autonomy and GPS


It is the most loved smartwatch by adventurers who spend whole days in the mountains.

Barbaric offer: this ultra-resistant watch has 18 days of autonomy and GPS
The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is one of the best buys for a rugged and highly durable smartwatch.

if you are looking a watch that lasts deep immersions, accidental blows with the door frame, falls from the nightstand and that, in addition, you can wear at an event, this Amazfit T-Rex Pro is the offer you should take advantage of. Today it can be yours for only 169.90 118 euros on Amazonand you can choose any of the three colors available (black, gray or navy blue).

The list of watches that Amazfit has It is endless, and every year they release renewed versions. But this first T-Rex Pro is the edition that we have fallen in love for everything that improves first Amazfit T-Rex. good screen, extreme resistance, several weeks of battery, GPS navigation without the need for a mobile phone and a multitude of integrated sports modes.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Buy the ultimate sports watch at a discount

The Amazfit T-Rex is among best sports watches of the moment, despite already having more than 2 years of life. It contains a multitude of sensors to give you all the information and thus take action as soon as possible to improve your health. It integrates a sensor heart rateanother of oxygen saturation in blood for when you climb up the mountain, pedometer to measure your steps, a complete sleep monitoring every night and also high precision GPS chip so you don’t get lost and can follow saved routes. It also has altimeter and ambient light sensor to adjust the screen brightness automatically.

It’s a ultra resistant watch, with a case made mainly of polycarbonate and a silicone strap. It has a weight (with strap) of about 59.4 grams, but you can also change the strap for another of any other available material such as stainless steel or nylon. Straps must be 22mm wide. The Amazfit watch withstands a pressure of up to 10 ATM, which is the same as a immersion in water at a depth of 100 meters. It has passed more than 15 military tests enduring temperatures from -40°C to 70°C or even 240 hours of extreme humidity.

The touch screen of this Amazfit T-Rex Pro is of type Amoled, it is 1.3 inches with a rounded shape and a resolution of 360 x 360 px. It is covered by a tempered glass and an anti-fingerprint coating. From the Zepp app, owned by Amazfit, you can swap spheres of the clock to your liking. It looks great in daylight, its brightness is self-adjusting, and you can always see various status information such as time/date, steps, distance traveled, sports mode set, or remaining battery.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

It is the most recommended sports watch of the year, despite having more than 2 years of life.

Drums are one of his strengths. can you give us one autonomy of about 18 days of continuous use. If we use it daily to do outdoor training with GPS on we could have up to 9 days of autonomy. However, if what we use is GPS continuously, the battery would give us about 40 continuous hours of use. It is much larger than any Apple Watch on the market, I assure you.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

If you like sports or do some sporting activity from time to time, you will find it in the memory of this Amazfit T-Rex because integrates more than 100 modes: free running, swimming, cycling, fishing, ballet, bowling, surfing, cross-country skiing… And an endless number of pre-installed modes. With these and the sensors you will have a complete report at the end of each activity.

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