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This vivo V29 is the most capable and balanced on the market this year

At this recommended price of 549 euros in Spain, few phones will be able to compete with what the vivo V29 5G offers.

If you are looking for a new mobile, stop doing it: this vivo V29 is the most capable and balanced on the market this year
The new vivo V29 5G with its spectacular AMOLED ‘1B colors’ screen.

It’s not too well known yet alive in our markets, and that indeed The Chinese manufacturer’s mobile phones are worth it and very much worth it with a catalog in which we will find from a differential flagship vivo x90 pro until some of the most compensated and attractive terminals on the Android scene currently.

This is the case of this vivo V29 5G which is postulated as the most capable and balanced smartphone of the mid-range, with a recommended price of 549 euros and very good ideas not only in mobile photography, where it has a ring of light for portraits, but also presenting us a construction premium and very high level hardware to compete in this price range.

As is obvious, vivo wanted to highlight that ring ‘Aura of light’ as the most distinctive element, and the fact is that the Chinese firm actually wants its mid-range to be able Take top-notch portraits even in poor lighting conditionsalthough always without leaving aside an appearance that pleases at first glance and optimal performance for the vast majority of users.

Already in his presentation, he himself Santiago Gismera, Go to Market Manager living in Spain, it was shown very ambitious with this vivo V29 5G which has everything to become a great success:

Progress is firmly anchored in the DNA of the V series. On the one hand, it focuses like no other model series on the integration of its main features without compromising its performance; On the other hand, the V series always surprises with great design and industry-first innovations. Therefore, the new V29 5G comes integrated with Aura Light, a new photography tool that puts users in the center of attention, so they can express themselves without conditions.

vivo V29 5G, available options and where to buy

For me This vivo V29 5G is the reference mobile inside of the manufacturer catalogWell, although the spotlight and the impact go with the highest range, it is this phone that brings more possibilities and more functionality for every euro invested in buying it.

Here in Spain it is available in a very suitable memory configuration, with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storagebeing able to purchase it in two most attractive finishes, blue beak and noble blackboth in velvety touch glass and a very feeling premium.

They can be purchased on Amazon directly, for which we leave you links, although in your case they are also available in some of the most important retailers as they are Media Markt, words oh FNACwhere you can also touch them in their physical stores.

vivo V29 5G (8GB/256GB) – Pico Azul

vivo V29 5G (8GB/256GB) – Noble Black

The most beautiful design and finishes premium Android half cut

Without a doubt, this vivo V29 5G is a mobile that enters through the eyes of whoever sees it, even at first sight, although it completely falls in love when you take it in hand. Its touch is robust but at the same time softthanks to that treatment on the rear glass that gives it an incredibly good velvety feeling.

It is difficult to see such well-built phones in this price rangewith high quality materials and innovative techniques, both the black version, which has photographed at nanometer scaleas above all in the model blue beakwhich boasts inspiration from the high mountains and a glitter pattern created with 3D magnetic particles that create lights and shadows depending on how the light hits them.

If you are looking for a new mobile, stop doing it: this vivo V29 is the most capable and balanced on the market this year

In all its glory, the vivo V29 5G in its ‘Noble Black’ finish.

It is a spectacular phone, which also does not clash from the front by incorporating a curved glass that improves hand feel and that protects a great 6.78-inch AMOLED panel with 1.5K resolution (2,800 x 1,260 pixels up to 452 pixels per inch) with 1,070 million colors and a 100% DCI-P3 spectrumplus SGS signed eye protection with SGS Low Blue Light, SGS Low Flicker and SGS certifications low stain along with content compatibility HDR10.

Of course, it has a IP68 certification which ensures durability against liquids and dust, even against dives up to 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you are looking for a new mobile, stop doing it: this vivo V29 is the most capable and balanced on the market this year

The back of the ‘Peak Blue’ model with its 3D magnetic particle finish.

Optimum performance without skyrocketing prices

In an exercise of restraint and superlative optimization, vivo engineers have chosen to a hardware platform that offers more than meets the eyestarting with a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G with 5G modem and Adreno 642L GPU, accompanied for the occasion by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage Not expandable but more than enough.

It has connectivity active dual SIM and support for virtual eSIMs, in addition to 5GDual band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2 LE, aGPS with GLONASS, BDS and Galileo, NFC for mobile payments and a USB Type-C connector which will centralize the charging and synchronization of data.

In fact, it is in this charging with high speed technology where comes another of the strong points, since the battery 4,600 mAh can be recharged in a matter of minutes to a power of up to 80 watts with FlashCharge. vivo promises 0-50% in 17 minutes, no less…

You won’t miss anything in a high-level vivo V29 5G in terms of hardware and features, starting from a quality screen that hides a very reliable performance electronic platform.

There will be functionality extended RAM memorystereo audio without headphone jack and integrated optical fingerprint reader under the screen.

And in addition, the device has a large cooling system Bionic VC which will keep everything running at its correct temperature, thus avoiding overheating and keeping the device at peak performance for longer even playing very heavy titles.

The photography is above average and adds the aura light as a claim

You won’t be able to take better portraits on the mid-range Android that with this vivo V29 5G, and the terminal has been designed to have the most versatile and high-performance photography in this price rangestaying well above the level of all its competition.

In fact, it fits highlight how that light makes him alive aura light which is not just an LED flash, but rather a 15.6mm diameter ring light capable of illuminating our portraits in very low light conditions, also generating a Smooth, shadowless 3D lighting effect. In fact, the light emission area is 9 times larger than that of a standard LED flash, so The night photography of this terminal is off the chart for a mobile phone of 549 euros.

There is a lot to cut in terms of photography for a 549 euro mobile phone, which undoubtedly obtains results above its price range in practically any condition and without the need for advanced knowledge.

If you are looking for a new mobile, stop doing it: this vivo V29 is the most capable and balanced on the market this year

Detail of the cameras of the vivo V29 5G, with the light ring as the main protagonist.

In terms of hardware itself, the vivo V29 5G has a 50 megapixel main sensor with Ultra-Sensitive OIS stabilizer, as well as another 8 megapixels with ultra wide angle lens which is completed with a monochrome lens used to process better the images obtained. On the front, well we will have another 50 megapixel camera more than enough for selfies or meetings and video calls.

vivo adds to the photographic cast a functionality of intelligent color temperature adjustment that will adapt the system to various environments and conditions, in order to always take the best photo of any scene without the user having to intervene nor does it require advanced knowledge.

It has always been Vivo’s idea that the average user enjoys the best technologyso AI will help here so that the photographic results are ideal at all times, even talking about studio photographs with a medium-sized and more affordable mobile. In fact, there will be many advanced software options integrated into the photo manager as Super group video, Ultra Stable Video and vlog movie makeras well as specific modes for night capture, astrophotography, food or a curious mode of Super moon.

vivo V29 5G (8GB/256GB) – Pico Azul

vivo V29 5G (8GB/256GB) – Noble Black

It is without a doubt this vivo V29 5G one of the options to recommend already take into account in the mobile exchange pools, so if you are looking for a very adequate performance smartphone at a contained priceSurely you will not find anything better in the entire Android catalog.

Keep this in mind when making decisions, because vivo is doing things very well and in this case, the finishes and features of the vivo V29 5G you are going to love them without any doubtIt’s a great move!

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