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This will be the biggest roll of this year..! Nixon has no chance to change..!

Biggboss Nixen: Nixen and Raveena were eliminated in the latest elimination in Biggboss season 7. Fans had been waiting for weeks to see if Nixon would ever go on the show, so this announcement was a relief. But the leader came out and did an incident on another level.

This season of Bigg Boss also started amid high expectations. As there was no task, the contestants fired at the gate. The creative team picked up the content to make Urvambu speak at almost no cost. Nixon is one of those who gets a lot of troll material out of it.

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Intimacy with Aishu. After speaking over romantically, he sent Pradeep out with a red card. Moreover, Aishu had left a few weeks earlier. After a few days, he apologized to everyone for making a mistake by making a public apology.

Next, the eviction was a New Year’s treat for those waiting to oust Nixon. If he comes and stays idle, the fans will forget. Even after a few days, the leader’s Instagram account has gone crazy again. In that, I just saw everything.

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I didn’t know what it felt like to see what was expected, how much love, how much support there was. I’m not going to pretend I’m good. I got to know who I am. Thank you to everyone who said good things to me. Thank you all for pointing out the error. Words cannot express my gratitude to all of you for supporting me.

He also mentioned that he will show at work. Don’t apologize. Some people are asking for advice in the comments to keep calm. But as usual, in the middle of the scandals like ruining a girl’s life and giving a red card to Pradeep, some people are saying that this is the red card of this year. Moreover, the fact that the fan page in his name is tagged differently is an additional comedy.

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