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This Xiaomi device helps me cook quickly and healthy, I couldn’t live without it anymore

Create all kinds of healthy and easy dishes with the Xiaomi air fryer, it will be a before and after in your kitchen.

This Xiaomi device helps me cook quickly and healthy, I couldn't live without it anymore
The internal components of the Xiaomi Air Fryer.

The air fryers they are fashionable, they are a tool that makes cooking a little easier and more fun. A signature like Xiaomiin whose catalog live devices of all kinds, not only smartphonesHe had to sign up for the party. Thanks to this AliExpress offer you can take home the Xiaomi Air Fryer 3.5 liters With discount, it only costs 85 euros.

I have it at home and I use it every day, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made lately. It is currently for 99.99 euros in the official Xiaomi store, you can save money and take a device that you will get a lot of use out of. We tell you everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Air Fryer, giving free rein to your imagination in the kitchen has never been so easy.

Xiaomi Air Fryer 3.5L

A device you could no longer live without

My Smart Air Fryer

The Xiaomi hot air fryer stands out for being intelligent and working wonderfully.

The Xiaomi fryer is very easy to use, it comes with a small screen and a roulette wheel to control it. in it you will find default modes, one for French fries, one for chicken wings, one for steak and even one for cooking cake. Of course, You will also have the possibility of modifying time and temperature at your whim. In this case we talk about the model of 3.5 liter capacitya more than decent figure for 2 people.

It is not very different from a small oven, the difference is that it will cook your dishes with very hot air to make them crisp. Create all kinds of healthy dishes, cook and enjoy your favorite “fried” foods without the need for oil. I myself have it in my kitchen and I assure you, it makes everything much easier.

you can also control it remotely with the Xiaomi’s Mi Home app, modifying the different variables, turning it on or off without having to get up from the sofa. You would even have the possibility of placing the ingredients inside the basket of this Air Fryer 3.5L and start cooking a few minutes before you get home. This way you would find them freshly made when you walk in the door.

Xiaomi Air Fryer 3.5L

In the Xiaomi catalog you can find gadgets as curious and useful as this one, if you want to build a smart home full of devices created by the Chinese firm you won’t have it very difficult. We don’t know how long this offer will be available but If you want to cook quickly and healthy don’t forget, this deep fryer is one of the best purchases.

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