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This Xiaomi device is worth less than 30 euros and is key to monitoring your home

Full HD images, 360-degree panorama and night vision in this Xiaomi surveillance camera that throws its price.

This Xiaomi device is worth less than 30 euros and is key to monitoring your home
This Xiaomi smart device will allow you to know what happens at home when you are away from it.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is one of the most useful smart home devices created by Xiaomi. As its name tells us, it is a video surveillance camera that allows you to be aware of everything that happens in your house even when you are away from it, with high resolution images and people detection. Another positive aspect is its price, which it falls to 29.99 euros in Xiaomi’s own official store.

The recommended retail price of this Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is 39.99 euros, so you save 10 euros in the purchase Although it may seem little, you should keep in mind that the Xiaomi store offers you the lowest price for this device. For comparison, in PcComponentes it is for 31.99 euros, on Amazon for 34.99 euros and in MediaMarkt it does not fall below 36 euros.

There is a detail of the Xiaomi store offer that you should take into account, and that is that It will be available until Friday, May 12.. Therefore, you only have a few days ahead to take advantage of it. Having clarified this, let’s find out why the Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 can revolutionize your home.

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200

Buy the cheapest Xiaomi Smart Camera C200

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is a compact device that will allow you to control everything that happens at home, even when you’re out of it. Can connect it to your mobile through the Xiaomi Mi Home app and view the live recording remotely, as well as change your tilt or focus what you want to see specifically. In short, you can control its operation through your mobile.

One of the strengths of this Xiaomi security camera is that it captures the images in 1080p Full HD resolution, so their sharpness is very good and allows you to clearly see everything that happens even when the images are backlit. Has a 360 degree horizontal viewing angle and vertical of 106 degrees, so you will not miss anything of what happens in the room in which it is located.

This Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 can be yours for only 29.99 euros until Friday, May 12.

The purchase of this cheap camera is also worth it for its advanced night vision, without red glow and with a good level of sharpness. In this way, you can also use it to place it in the children’s room and watch over them from a distance. In the box you will find all the necessary accessories for installation, you can even place it on the ceiling in an inverted way.

On the other hand, the Smart Camera C200 also has people detection for start recording and follow them around the room automatically. If someone enters the room, everything they do will be recorded even if they move around the room. In fact, you can even communicate with it thanks to the connection between the camera and your mobile. The sound is bidirectional that is, you can listen to what is happening around the camera and also send your voice to be heard by those close to it.

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200

If you want the images recorded by the camera to remain stored, you can insert a microSD card up to 256GB. Another good option is cloud storagewith a free subscription for the first 3 months and the payment of the fee later.

In short, the Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is a surveillance camera very complete for its price. Remember that it falls to the 29.99 euros in the Xiaomi store until Friday May 12. If you want to know other models, you can consult best cheap security cameras.

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