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This year’s sales of Femtonics will be more than HUF four billion

Typically, countries with a high GDP have laboratories where equipment developed by the company is used.

According to expectations, Femtonics Kutató és Fejlesztő Kft., which develops, manufactures and sells special laser scanning microscopes and their auxiliary equipment for use in brain research, is expected to increase its sales significantly this year, more than three times the previous year.

The Budapest-based, Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2005, indicated in its announcement: the company was the first in the world to develop a real-time 3D acousto-optical scanner-based laser scanning microscope for brain research into a market-ready product, and is still the market leader in this field.

Zsolt Iván, the company’s sales and marketing manager, explained in the announcement: the microscope system put on the market by their company for the first time in the world can measure the electrical activity and the flow of information in the cell bodies and extensions of nerve cells even during movement. The development is actually a spatial image stabilizer that measures processes with extreme precision. Thanks to the tool, it will be possible for researchers to get to know the basics of thoughts, memory, and emotions more and more intimately, the specialist explained.

Senior product specialist Richárd Kozma explained: the company’s most significant sales in 2023 took place in the United States of America, Canada and the EU countries, because laboratories that use the equipment developed by the company typically operate in countries with high GDPs.

According to the company’s plans, they will be present in more and more countries with their products, next year they want to increase the total value of their orders by another twenty percent.

According to publicly available company data, the net sales revenue of Femtonics Kft., which employs 150 people, was HUF 1.299 billion in 2022, which was about 12 percent less than the previous year, and the majority of its revenue came from exports. The company’s profit after tax in 2021 exceeded HUF 245 million, compared to HUF 50 million last year.

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