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Threads updated with option to show the latest search results

It’s been a while since Meta’s microblogging platform, Threads, released its keyword search feature to users around the world. However, one huge downside is that Threads search doesn’t let users see search results in reverse chronological order. But that’s changing now, as the latest Threads update adds an option to show the latest search results.

Threads now show search results with recent posts first

As noted by Threads users and also confirmed by 9to5Mac, the latest update to the Threads app allows users to choose whether they want to see search results based on suggestions or recent posts. The new filter is also available for viewing posts within tags, another feature that was recently introduced to users.

After installing the update, users will see a three-dot button at the top of the screen when searching for a keyword or viewing posts within a tag. Tap it and you’ll see the “Top” and “Latest” options for sorting.

Luckily for Threads users, the app seems to remember the option the user has chosen, which means that once you set the app to show the most recent posts in search, it will always show search results in reverse chronological order. Unfortunately, this new feature seems to be exclusive to the iOS app for now.

Ironically, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said a few weeks ago that the company had no plans to bring chronological search to Threads as this “would create a substantial safety loophole.” He’s yet to comment on what changed his mind.

Threads just got another update with option to show the latest search results

More about Threads

Last month, Meta launched Threads in EU countries after making some changes to comply with local legislation. One of the changes implemented is not requiring an Instagram account to use Threads, letting users create a new account exclusively for the microblogging platform. Threads has also been testing ActivityPub support for integration with Mastodon and the fediverse.

You can download the Threads app for free on the App Store.

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