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Three new directors at Yettel Hungary

Three new directors at Yettel Hungary


The task of the newly appointed specialists is to implement the company’s long-term residential segment strategy and to support the leading role of the mobile network-focused service provider status.

In the commercial division, two specialists, Olga Szafonov and Ákos Bulla, and in the technical division, Balázs Mang, will hold the position of director at Yettel Hungary from April 1st. Organizational development goes hand in hand with the expansion of Yettel’s portfolio, in which mobile network-based home and business services play an increasingly important role.

Olga Szafonov came into contact with the telecommunications sector in 2013, working as a brand and product development manager in Hungary and the Netherlands. In 2017, he joined the retail marketing team of Yettel Hungary (then Telenor). Among other things, OtthonNet services, the Prime tariff portfolio starting with the arrival of the Yettel brand, and the introduction of the Yettel TV service can also be connected to it. As of April 1, Olga Szafonov will be responsible for residential product and service development as residential commercial director.

Ákos Bulla joined the company in 2013. In the field of marketing, he worked as a sales channel manager, then as a segment manager, and later as a department head responsible for the value management of invoiced customers. With the current promotion, Ákos Bulla manages the customer value management team of the entire residential segment from the director level, which includes the development, implementation and full-scale management of offers that fit the needs of customers using top-up cards, pre-paid, home internet and TV services.

Balázs Mang started his career in Norway, where he spent nearly 4 years as a network engineer at a satellite telecommunications company. He joined Yettel in 2012, where he played a major role in the technical introduction of 4G/5G technologies and many new services available to customers. For the past five years, he has been responsible for Yettel’s network and IT strategy as a department head. His scope of responsibility has now been expanded to include the provision and development of technical functions serving the background of the home internet and Yettel TV service, and he manages these areas together as a director.

“Since the launch of the Yettel brand, we have introduced a number of new products and services, while we are also running a serious network modernization project. Our network has become stronger and our service portfolio has become more versatile, while we want to provide all of this to our customers in an easy-to-understand and easily accessible way. With the help of the excellent specialists we have just appointed, we can continue to strengthen in achieving this ambition. The recent director appointments represent the promotion of our colleagues who have demonstrated expertise, passion, commitment and leadership ability in the past period, and who, by understanding the needs of customers, are able to take further steps to further increase our customers’ satisfaction, thereby helping Yettel growth in the domestic market,” said Peter Gazik, CEO of Yettel Hungary, in connection with the appointments.

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