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Top 10 Best TVs For The Xbox Series X & PS5

Almost more important than the consoles themselves, are the TVs, because to play games on the Xbox Series X and the PS5, you’ll need a TV to hook them up to, and you’ll want one of the best ones if you want the experience to be optimal.

You could also use a monitor, but since PS5 won’t support native 1440p, which is what a lot of people are using for PC monitors these days, we’re not including them. We’ve put together a list of the best TVs for the Xbox Series X and the PS5 so you have an excellent gaming experience to go along with that shiny new console.

That being said, if you have a TV you plan to connect your Xbox Series X or PS5 to, that TV will certainly work. But some people may need to upgrade if they want to get the most out of the graphics features that each new console supports.

There are quite a few options for TVs out there that could work pretty well for games, but there’s more choices than you can shake a stick at which could make this a dizzying experience for some. This guide will help you weed out any TVs that really aren’t meant for or optimal for use on a gaming console. Which in the end makes your job as a consumer much easier.

Best TVs for the Xbox Series X and PS5 – Summary

Below you’ll find a summary of all the TVs we selected in an easy to read table with the name/model of each TV. If you’re short on time or simply want to get straight to looking at the TVs, you’ll also find the cost, and where to buy each TV along with the links to get to those retailers.


TV Cost Where To Buy
TCL 6-Series From $799 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Sony X900H From $1,298 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Walmart
LG NanoCell 85 Series From $647 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Walmart
LG NanoCell 90 Series From $947 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Samsung Q70T Series From $898 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Walmart
LG CX OLED From $1,279 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Walmart
Samsung Q80T Series From $998 Amazon, B&H, Walmart
Hisense H9 Quantum Series From $750 Amazon, Best Buy
Vizio P-Series From $1,799 Amazon, Walmart
Sony Z8H From $3,998 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy

Best TVs for the Xbox Series X and PS5 – List

While the above table is a more simplistic list of each TV we’ve selected, every TV can also be found below. Instead of just listing the models of the best TVs for the Xbox Series X and PS5 along with links to buy and what they cost, we’ve also put out some short descriptions that explain why we chose these TVs.

Most of these options will come with support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate, which you probably should be considering), and a native refresh rate of at least 120Hz. All the TVs vary in price range as well, and we aren’t limiting our selections to just 65-inch models.

All the prices listed are the starting costs of each model as well. Which in most cases is going to mean the smallest display out of all available options. Generally around 48-inches or 49-inches.

TCL 6 Series

TCL 6 Series

We’re kicking things off with the 6 Series TVs from TCL. Aside from being a smart TV running on the Roku TV technology, the TCL 6 Series 2020 model features 4K UHD resolution, and QLED technology which will help pictures display with brighter colors.

It also supports up to 120 fps for the refresh rate. Though it is important to note, that 120 will only be supported for 1440p and 1080p. As long as you have the Game Mode enabled. If you’re gaming in 4K, the refresh rate drops to 60 fps. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Having said that, the TV does support VRR, which is going to be available on the Xbox Series X and PS5 if the user has a TV that also supports it, making this one of the best TVs to have for either console.

This is also one of the better priced TVs on this list, so if price is a factor for you, this might be one of the best options for taking advantage of all the new visual benefits of each new console. and without spending thousands of dollars.

Sony X900H

Sony X900H

If you’re going with a PS5, then you may want to keep the TV brand in-house. Sony’s new X900H TV comes in a few different sizes and offers features specifically designed to take advantage of the PS5.

This is definitely one of the best TVs for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X due to not only 4K UHD resolution, but the ability to play games at that resolution with up to 120 fps. It also supports VRR, though Sony is sending that out to the TVs with a software update and that may not be available just yet.

According to Sony that update is coming at a later date. While the update that enables the 120 fps at 4K resolution should have already started rolling out to TV units. Which means people that buy this in the near future, or even now, should have the capability to play at 120 in 4K as soon as they get their PS5.

One thing this TV may have over many other options is the input lag. According to Sony the X900H has an input lag of 7.2ms. Which is extremely low. That being said, Sony also highlights that this testing was done internally with optimal conditions.

So it’s highly likely that the input lag will vary for you and may not be this good. Still, even as internal testing, that makes this a promising TV option for the best gaming experience.

Of course Sony’s TVs can be a little more pricey, so you’re going to pay more for those extra benefits. The TV also supports HDMI 2.1 and runs on Android TV software for the smart TV capabilities you may want.

LG NanoCell 85 Series

LG NanoCell 85 Series

If you’re looking for a TV with low input lag, consider the LG NanoCell 85 series TVs. These are going to be one of the best TVs for use with the Xbox Series X and PS5 because of the input lag, though that isn’t the only reason.

According to RTINGS, the LG NanoCell 85 series TVs have an input lag of 5.2ms at 4K and 120 fps when the TV is in Game Mode. The TV gets slightly different results at different resolutions and different frame rates. But across the board it’s pretty comparable.

In addition to the low input lag, which is one of the lowest of any TV on this list, the TV supports VRR, though it was said that it doesn’t work properly. Your results may vary here in this regard.

The other nice thing about the LG NanoCell 85 series is that if you go for the 49-inch model, it’s the lowest priced TV on this list. And after you just spent hundreds on your new console, accessories, and games, saving money on a TV isn’t a bad thing.

LG NanoCell 90 Series

LG NanoCell 90 Series

There’s a lot of similarities between the NanoCell 90 and the NanoCell 80, including the support for VRR, a Game Mode, and pretty low input lag.

Speaking of the input lag, while it is pretty comparable to the NanoCell 80, the 90 series unfortunately has a significantly higher input lag when at 4K resolution with the 120 refresh rate. Where the 80 series was at 5.2ms, the 90 series is rated 22.9ms. So it’s not ideal.

Thankfully the input lag is still incredibly low when the resolution is set to 1080p or 1440p with the refresh rate at 120. Keep in mind that this is with Game Mode active. And you’ll want to have it active at any point you’re playing games on the Xbox Series X or PS5.

The NanoCell 90 also comes in multiple sizes, including 55-inch and going all the way up to 86-inch.

Samsung Q70T Series

Samsung Q70T Series

Samsung has been ramping up its efforts to make a lot of its products like TVs and smartphones more workable for gaming. Its latest Q series TVs, specifically the Q70T and Q80T, are equipped with gaming modes that allow for 120 native refresh rates, VRR, and high resolution for picture quality.

They also feature some decent input lag though it appears that this TV in particular may not have the capability to do 4K gaming at 120fps. So you’ll want to keep that in mind.

The TV also supports AMD FreeSync, and it has Alexa built-in if you wanted access to some hands-free features.



There are more than a few features that matter when it comes to picking a TV for gaming. One of the best TVs, if not the best tv for gaming on the Xbox Series X and PS5, is the LG CX OLED series TV.

Not only does it come with VRR, 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 120 fps, and a bright and colorful display panel, but it has a really good input lag. The lower the input lag, the less time it takes for what you press on your controller to be visibly displayed on the TV screen.

You’re looking at around 13.6ms for both 1080p and 4K resolutions when you’re in Game Mode. So no matter which one you use at any given time the input lag for your gaming session will be low.

That’s a huge benefit, though all of that and the other features do make this TV a bit more expensive. Worth keeping in mind is that the price we have listed here is for the 55-inch model. If you want one that has a larger screen, the price jumps up significantly.

That of course isn’t the lowest input lag on this list.

Samsung Q80T Series

Samsung Q80T Series

For the most part, the Q80T and the Q70T are pretty similar with a few differences in features. The Q80T is the nicer of the two, and it also comes in more sizes including 49-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch. Meanwhile the Q70T only comes in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, and 85-inch. So there’s no option for the smaller panels on that one.

The Q80T also comes with Direct Full Array 12x in everything but the 49-inch model which has Direct Full Array 8x. Whereas the Q70T has DualLED for the backlighting instead.

The Q80T also an ultra wide viewing angle compared to a wide viewing angle, and Objective Tracking Sound. It also supports 4K resolution at 120fps for games, VRR, and a fairly low input lag, though not the lowest of any TV on this list. More accurately, it’s towards the top but there are still a few options with lower input lag that you could go for.

Hisense H9 Quantum Series

Hisense H9 Quantum Series

This is the only TV on this list which doesn’t support VRR. So if you want a TV that has that then there are better options that we’ve chosen. That being said, the H9 Quantum does come in a 55-inch size and it has a 120Hz refresh rate.

So it at least has that. It’s also pretty affordable at $699.

If you’re looking to get into something that’s 4K UHD and comes with a 120Hz refresh rate then you can’t go wrong here. However, the LG NanoCell 85 series can be picked up in a 55-inch TV size as well, and it comes with VRR and for the same price.

Vizio P Series

Vizio P Series

At around $1,800 the P Series Quantum from Vizio is hardly a cheap buy. In fact some of the other TVs might be a better option (like Sony’s X900H which is cheaper and is designed with the PS5 in mind) but this is still a good one to consider.

The P Series has VRR, a 120Hz refresh rate, 4K UHD resolution and ALLM. The price listed here is also for the 65-inch model, though it does come in other sizes as well.

It comes with a really low input lag too, and it also offers support for Dolby Vision and it comes with HDMI 2.1 ports.

Sony Z8H

Sony Z8H

Rounding out this list is the big boy from Sony. This is Sony’s top-tier TV for the PS5 with an 8K HDR panel along with the same Game Mode features that are found on the X900H.

That means a 120 refresh rate, VRR, and more. Worth noting is that the VRR is not going to be available on the TV right away. Just like with the X900H, Sony is sending this out with an update to the software. If they have the same time frame for release, then owners can probably expect the update that enables VRR to come around at a later date.

This is unfortunate given that the PS5 launches on November 12. But at least the 120 fps should be available for the PS5 right out of the box.

All that side, this is one of a handful of 8K TVs out there on the market. So that alone is going to make this a fairly expensive TV to pick up just for gaming. Especially when you consider all the other options on here that can play games just as well.

What you’re paying for is the 8K capabilities. And right now there aren’t going to be any games that have 8K output. If you want to stick with Sony, the X900H is a great option, and it probably has much better input lag times if Sony’s own numbers are accurate.

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