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Top 5 serials in TRP!

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Sun TV Serials: Serials are the most important contributors to the growth of many TV shows on the small screen. Since its inception, serials have been making a huge impact on people’s lives.

The reason for that is that all the stories taken in the serials merge with the real life of the people. And serials are also a platform to create awareness for women. Many serials are being aired on many televisions. There is a lot of competition between them.

Mostly serials aired on Sun TV are hugely welcomed not only in cities but also in rural areas. Here are the top 5 serials currently airing on Sun TV in that order.

5. Sundari:

Sundari serial aired on Chandi TV is ranked 5th in TRP. This serial, which has become a story of women’s awareness, has been well received among the people.

4. Backstroke:

The once celebrated serial counter-swimming suffered a major decline after Marimuthu’s death. So this serial which was in the number 1 position has now fallen to the 4th position.

3. Like the sky:

This serial which did well in the beginning is now traveling in the direction of lost story. This serial is currently ranked 3rd with some effort.

2. Kayal:

It has to be said that this serial starring Chaitra Reddy as the heroine has created quite a bit of interest. While Eshil-Kayal Kadhal joins, the director has TV in the serial. It has created a lot of interest among fans now.

1. Lioness:

This serial was released recently. But within a few days of its release, this serial has been well received by the people. This is due to the character given to the protagonist of this serial and the strategy he carries it. This serial is currently number one in TRP.

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