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Top Data Center Forecasts – ComputerTrends

Although the outlook for the world economy in 2024 is not very bright, the general trend line of the data center industry looks positive. Why? One reason is generative artificial intelligence. GenAI has already induced greater investments in data centers, and this trend is expected to gain even more momentum.

In fact, you can expect IT infrastructure to take the spotlight in 2024. Over the past few years, organizations have been hanging on to their existing infrastructure a little longer than usual, which is now outdated and poses a business risk. By adopting GenAI, businesses must upgrade their infrastructure to optimize performance.

This shift requires new technological approaches. Interest in liquid cooling will continue to grow, while organizations may reevaluate the costly use of public clouds by adopting more cost-effective hybrid solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what trends we can expect in 2024:

AI has a positive impact on the operation of data centers

Throughout the year 2023, organizations have experimented a lot and applied AI to different data sets. In 2024, companies will be much more purposeful in defining how they use AI to solve very specific business problems.

For example, data center providers will increasingly use artificial intelligence solutions to improve operational efficiency and sustainability by monitoring and setting optimal thresholds for factors such as temperature, humidity and overall energy consumption. AI tools can also improve the security posture of data center operators and their customers by more proactively alerting them to security events in the data center or alerting the data center NOC and/or SOC to network congestion or potential breach issues.

AI has a lot of potential, but we can see that early experiments may fall short of expectations (as they often do). It will take time to find the diamonds in the rough, and usually the more specific the use case, the more positive the results.

In addition to investing in AI, organizations must also invest in training and hiring staff to integrate and operate the technology to best achieve the desired business outcomes. The number of AI experts in the industry today is anemic. As organizations become clearer about how AI can be used to solve specific business problems, expect to spend more on AI training for their teams.

Racks in data centers need more power

Although we predicted that data center racks will need more power in 2023, this has increased even faster than expected due to the rapid spread of GenAI and higher density deployments, as well as more power-hungry general purpose computing (CPU) processors entering the market. And the rack density will only increase in 2024. Data center providers must adopt advanced cooling technologies and consider new design schemes to keep pace with next-generation technology.

Interest in liquid cooling technologies is growing

It’s no secret that air cooling has its limitations, especially in higher density installations. That said, air still meets the cooling needs of many implementations, and while the evolution toward liquid cooling is certainly gaining ground, rapid adoption is still a few years away due to the upfront investment and complexity of deploying such solutions in current data center infrastructure.

Today, only the most advanced companies and service providers use these technologies. However, interest is skyrocketing and adoption is becoming easier and more common as new solutions and novel approaches debut. We will see definite growth in this category in 2024, but we can expect a steeper rise later as technology standardization and OEM support increases.

The data center will slowly but surely win the cloud recalibration race

In 2023, many organizations have experienced the financial pain of “pushing everything into” the public cloud in the previous few years. Now they realize they may need to make changes, including migrating some workloads to a private cloud or (partially) returning to on-prem solutions.

While we are seeing a move towards cloud recalibration, it is unlikely to happen at the volume and speed expected given the complexity involved. However, you can see that the big brands are also making the move and they are dictating the rules of the game and the measurable cost savings that other organizations can learn from and follow. And this goes beyond a theoretical game.

Although the public cloud will continue to grow, adoption will become more selective in 2024 as organizations increasingly consider hybrid solutions and cloud-like options—such as bare metal as a service (BmaaS)—that leverage the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud. it is provided to them with the predictability and control of the costs of private offers.

Data proximity is becoming increasingly important

When it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing, in most cases, especially for teaching AI, it makes sense to keep the data very close to the computing power. In the past, organizations just wanted to launch their project, so they decided to spin it up in the public cloud and figure out the solution later – which often led to costly decisions by then. Now is the time for some organizations to figure out how to bring workloads back to the private cloud or dedicated AI clouds to increase performance and cost efficiency.


Looking back at the predictions for 2023, there is one that is certain to carry over to 2024: AI/ML spending and adoption will grow despite macroeconomic headwinds. GenAI offers a tremendous opportunity for the data center industry to act as a facilitator and catalyst for technological change and innovation breakthroughs. As Forrester Research recently noted, “Technology infrastructure is undergoing dynamic changes driven by changes in business requirements that impact the data center, telecommuting, edge computing, and connectivity.”

This is an exciting time in data center operations and the industry is eagerly awaiting what this year will bring.

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