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Torture for the director of the next film!

The famous actor has been struggling for a long time to somehow find and bring out the director in him. It is said that because of that, he has been pestering the directors who tell him the story by giving him some CDs and telling him that our film should come out in the same way.

Directors who have already given hits to other actors are getting more than enough sloppy while directing his films.

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The same dialogue is being repeated that the actor is a good actor and the director is a waste. In this case, the famous actor has joined hands with the comedy director who gave a big hit to the rival actor in his next film, and now he has started giving torture to the director by giving him some CDs.

While he himself has already created a story after watching many CDs, in which Fulla was left in a quandary without knowing how to insert the scenes in the newly given CDs and lamented to his assistants and asked them to insert the scene wherever they can.

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Is that movie a comedy already? It is also said that while the director is directing without understanding that it is an action film, the producer is holding his head as if this is another monster.

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