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Track fitness and activity for teams and clients

Track fitness and activity for teams and clients


Funn Media, the developer behind Calory, WaterMinder, and more has launched a new version of its FitnessView activity tracker for coaches, trainers, and dieticians. FitnessView Teams is an elegant solution to track and manage the health and activity data on iPhone and iPad for entire teams or multiple clients using Apple Watch to help you deliver insightful and actionable feedback.

FitnessView is a popular activity tracker that integrates with Apple Watch and Apple Health and delivers deeper feedback and insights than the native iOS/watchOS Fitness app.

Now Funn Media is bringing that experience to coaches, personal trainers, and more with the ability to track entire (and multiple) teams, clients, groups, etc.

Here’s what FitnessView Teams offers on iPhone and iPad:

FitnessView Teams features

  • Daily Activity View
  • Workout Details View
  • Calendar View
  • Get insights with access to granular activity/health data
  • Team member comparisons
  • Seamless to manage multiple teams/groups as well as add multiple coaches
  • Price: Starts from $59.99/month for 10 users

I was able to check out FitnessView Teams ahead of the launch (with a sample team) and here are some of the things I noticed.

The main view is the Daily Activities page with your team/client group on the left-hand side. For each person, you’ll see the days of the week at the top with the Move/Exercise/Stand activity overview and heart rate details at the top.

Below that you’ve got tiles for how the athlete/client is making progress on various goals. You can toggle the sidebar to go fullscreen as well (button in the top-left on iPad).

FitnessView Teams 1

The Calendar View offers a neat way to quickly check on some core performance and health metrics:

FitnessView Teams 2

Angled for coaches and teams, the Comparison View lets you see how your every player compares for each performance/health metric,

And tapping a player from this view shows you monthly progress, totals, % to goal, and more.

Try out FitnessView Teams

FitnessView Teams is a free download available now on the App Store for both iPad and iPhone.

To get the full feature set, pricing starts at $59.99/month for 10 users, goes to $124.99/month for 25 users, and includes plans all the way up to tracking 1,000 users.

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