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Trisha plans to overtake Nayanthara! Everything will go to waste like this!..


Trisha: Trisha was senior to Nayanthara. But Trishao disappeared without Nayan becoming the lady superstar after taking the number one spot. His Tamil and Telugu films failed at the box office. So, he was at home without a chance.

It was then that he got the chance to act in Ponni’s Selvan and acted in the film. The film’s success boosted Trisha’s market again. His photos started going viral on social media. On the one hand, he got the opportunity to act in many films.

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All of them are big pictures. She has been booked in new films like Leo opposite Vijay, Vidatheli with Ajith, Thug Life, which is being made by Mani Ratnam-Kamal alliance, and a film opposite Chiranjeevi in ​​Telugu. With this, Trisha was happy as she became her market again. Of this, only Leo was released.

The shooting of other films is going on. Trisha is playing the role of Ajith’s wife in the film Vidathila. The film is being shot in Azerbaijan. But, the shooting was often stopped due to many reasons like snow storm, rain, sand storm.

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This upsets Trisha. Because, the call sheet given by him for other films is getting affected due to this. Due to this, Trisha is struggling to answer them. Anyway, the shooting is said to be going on for another month.

On the one hand, it has become impossible to continue shooting in Azerbaijan. So, the team is planning to shoot the rest of the scenes in another country for Dubai. Trisha plans to grab Nayanthara’s market while the market is down. But he feels that it has not happened.

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