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TRONICA 24W 4.0 Channel USB, Auxiliary, Bluetooth Soundbar – Black

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Price: ₹3,000.00 - ₹1,799.00
(as of Jul 05,2022 22:17:32 UTC – Details)


If you are searching for a Sound Bar speaker which has a little bit of everything- “Exemplary Sound, Acceptable Bass, Crisp Vocals, Classic Looks, besides being pocket friendly too & it can be connected to your Bluetooth TV, to amplify it’s sound” your search should start & terminate at TRONICA 4.0 SOUND BAR ! This versatile & inexpensive equipment is designed & circuited in INDIA as per the INDIAN mindset & right now, this is the only SWADESHI sound bar sold on amazon. 4.0 Sound Bar, plays everything- pendrive/Sd card/fm/aux/bluetooth & it also has a MIC input port, in which you can connect your own microphone & use it for small karaoke parties,bhajan sandhyas, kirtan, lecture, teaching purpose etc. Now just type SOUNDBAR on Amazon, & check whether the above is true or not?
Plays Usb/Sd Card/FM/Bluetooth/Aux/Microphone & comes along with a sleek remote & aux lead, Clamps & Screws provided ,if you want to wall mount.
Besides being pocket friendly, this product has Super Sound, Acceptable Bass, Crisp Vocals & Classic Looks. This speaker does not has an extra woofer, so don’t expect extra bass.
Ways to connect to your TV : 1) If your TV has a bluetooth option,pair it & connect 2) If your tv has audio out ports, connect it, with the given aux lead in the front side of the bar 3) You can use the audio ports of the set box, instead of plugging audio leads inside ur TV, plug into the aux port of sound bar.
Proudly “Made In India” We are the manufacturers & we don’t have celebrities to promote our products, perhaps that’s why our products are popular & inexpensive



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