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Trump defends himself against the Home Alone 2 director’s accusations that he was a “bully”

His version is opposite to that of Columbus.

Trump defends himself against the Home Alone 2 director's accusations that he was accused of being "bully"
Chris Columbus vs. Donald Trump

In 2020 and taking advantage of the twentieth anniversary of Home aloneone of the best movies to watch at christmasalthough we recommend other more unusualits director, Chris Colonspoke at length with Business Insider about the details he had had in filming this film and its sequel, Home Alone 2little more than a remake of the first, as he himself admits, which also It included the participation of former President of the United States Donald Trump.

Trump, owner of the Plaza Hotel at the time, let the team film on his property but set one condition for it: he had to show up in the film starring Macaulay Culkin, or that at least is the version of Columbus, since the billionaire has a totally opposite memory of what happened in those days, as he has expressed it on his social network TRUE.

What Chris Columbus says

“Like most places in New York City, they just you pay a fee and they allow you to film at that location. We approached the Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time, because we wanted to film in the lobby. We couldn’t rebuild the Plaza on a film set.

Trump said he was fine with it. We paid the fee, but he also said, ‘The only way you can use the Plaza is if I’m in the movie.’ So we agreed to put it in the movie, and when we screened it for the first time, a strange thing happened: People cheered when Trump appeared on the screen. So I told my editor, ‘Leave it in the movie. It is a moment for the public‘. But he got in by force in the film”.

What Donald Trump says

“Thirty years ago (how time flies!), director Chris Columbus and others begged me to make an appearance on Home Alone 2. They rented the Plaza Hotel in New York, which I owned at the time. I was very busy and I did not want to do it. They were very kind, but, above all, persistent. I accepted, and the rest is history! That little appearance took off like a rocket, the movie was a huge hit and still is, especially around Christmas.

People call me every time it airs. However, now, 30 years later, Columbus (what was his real name?) made a statement that I forced my way into the film. Nothing could be further away of the truth. That appearance helped make the movie a success, but if they were intimidated or didn’t want me, why did they put me in and keep me there for over 30 years? Because I I was, and still am, great for the moviethat’s why! It’s just another type of Hollywood from the past looking a quick dose of advertising of Trump for himself!”

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