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Tuesday Group Ride To Gilroy – BionicOldGuy

We got a break in the rain on Tuesday so my group headed down to Gilroy, first going up into the foothills West of Morgan Hill, and then picking up the Gilroy recreational path at Hecker Pass Highway and Burchell road. We continued on to the Gilroy sports complex, then went home on Santa Teresa Boulevard, for a three hour outing from me. Unfortunately we had a mishap on the way. One of the riders got a flat so slowed down suddenly, and my friend Bruce touched wheels with him and went down. He still seemed OK to ride but headed home just in case. We found out later he had broken his collarbone. Hopefully it will heal up well naturally. The lesson here is to leave more space from other riders on group rides.

Rest Stop at the Kirigin Winery parking lot
Some vineyards near the recreational path. The grass is getting nice and green from all our recent rain

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