Twitch Is Beginning To Push Its Watch Parties Feature To Android

Twitch Is Beginning To Push Its Watch Parties Feature To Android

Twitch is giving Android and iOS users a new way to enjoy content on its platform this week, having just announced this morning that it’s beginning to roll out the Watch Parties feature. Watch Parties on Twitch are, at their core, the same as they are on any other service that offers them.

A way for people to watch content together, in sync, online, as if they were watching things together in the same room. Watch parties became more popular after the pandemic forced everyone to either avoid contact with people as much as possible or work from home. Which in turn meant a lot of people just stayed home altogether.

Twitch officially launched the feature for desktop users in 2020. With Watch Parties, there is one big, and likely obvious caveat. Though it probably isn’t going to be much of an issue for most people.

Twitch Watch Parties lets you stream any movie or TV show on Prime Video

Much like with Hulu Watch Parties, you need to be subscribed to either Amazon Prime or Prime Video to use Watch Parties on Twitch. If you’re not subscribed to one of these Amazon monthly services, then you won’t be able to join a Watch Party being put on by a streamer.

Watch Parties also only support video from Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscriptions. Though it does let you watch any movie or TV show that’s available through either. Which is a pretty big list of content to sift through. Especially when you consider both the long list of Amazon Originals and the constantly changing curated list of third-party movies and TV shows.

Since the feature now supports mobile devices, it also means users have a little more leniency to watch content as a group. For instance, Hulu’s Watch Party feature only works on a handful of supported web browsers, and only from a desktop or laptop.

With Twitch, you can be out and about and join a watch party with tons of other people. So long as you have internet connectivity of course.

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