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Twitter Spaces might soon get “Voice Transformer” feature

Twitter officially joined the drop-in audio chat bandwagon with the launch of Spaces, the company’s take on Clubhouse. Twitter started testing the feature back in December with a small group of iOS users, followed by a wider availability and Android expansion around March. Being a new addition, Twitter is still figuring out and experimenting with new ways to make Spaces more appealing for users. One such experiment that Twitter is reportedly working on is a feature called Voice Transformer, which will allow speakers to add different effects to their voice in live Spaces.

The feature was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known app reverse engineer who has a great record of discovering upcoming Twitter features.

The image shared by Jane shows users will be able to preview different voice effects to see how their voice sounds.

Voice TransformerLater on, developer Steve Moser uncovered the list of voice effects that Twitter plans to add in Spaces. The list includes Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Spatial, Stadium, Stage.

The news of the Voice Transformer feature comes after Twitter started testing the downvote and upvote buttons with select beta users on iOS. These upvotes and downvotes will only show up on replies and not on tweets. Moreover, downvotes will be hidden, while upvotes will be shown as likes.

Twitter hasn’t officially confirmed when, if at all, it plans to roll out new voice effects in Spaces.

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