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Two Star Wars wireless chargers are 50% off for a short time

Looking for one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone while also saving some money during the Black Friday 2021 shopping season? Then you won’t want to miss this limited-time offering. Two Star Wars wireless charging pads are $25 off, or 50% off at GameStop.

One of the charging pads is themed after the Millennium Falcon, while the other is Mando’s helmet from The Mandalorian. Both light up when your phone is done charging, with Mando’s visor and the Falcon’s engines glowing, respectively. Both chargers are also compatible with the latest Apple and Samsung phones, so you’re good to go no matter which one you grab.

Both chargers also use USB-C cables, making them easy to hook up. They can also be connected to any outlet, so it works regardless of whether you’re setting up a new office charging pad or just need something for around the house.

At 50% off, it’s extremely unlikely either charger will be available at a cheaper price anytime soon. If you’ve been looking for a good deal on a new charger, this is the time to act. This deal is also exclusive to GameStop, so there’s no telling exactly how long it’ll remain available.

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