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Types of Bitcoin Investors – Phandroid


Bitcoin is now a buzzword. In reality, millions of people are using Bitcoin today. While most people use Bitcoin simply as a means of payment, considering that Bitcoin was originally to replace the fiat currency, many people are investing in Bitcoin. To efficiently trade Bitcoin, you must use a reliable trading platform such as bitcoin up

Bitcoin investors are those that put their money into Bitcoin as an investment. They see Bitcoin as an investment asset providing an investment opportunity. They also expect that by investing in Bitcoin, they will ultimately gain. Essentially, their Bitcoin investments will be profitable.

A keen assessment of the Bitcoin investors shows that they are not a homogeneous group. They differ, including their investment-time perspective, experience, and status. This article explores these in greater detail.

Long-term and Short-Term Investors 

Bitcoin investors can be long-term or short-term investors. Element of time is of the essence for these investors. Short-term investors are interested in investing and reaping their gains within a short period. For example, investors trading Bitcoin daily fall in this group. These investors are not interested in holding their investments for many years.

Long-term Bitcoin investors take a longer-term approach. They will tend to buy and hold Bitcoin for many years hoping the value will surge. Here, we can talk about the HODL investors. These investors will keep their Bitcoin for years, even five years.

Experienced and Novice Investors 

Bitcoin investors can also be categorized based on their experience in crypto trading. Indeed, some investors embraced Bitcoin as soon as it launched, while others are still considering whether to invest in it. Therefore, based on experience, we have the Bitcoin native, the Bitcoin newbie, and the Bitcoin curious.

The Bitcoin native investors are those with extensive experience in Bitcoin investment. They were early adopters of Bitcoin and had therefore gained a lot of knowledge and experience in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin newbie is the investor just starting to invest in Bitcoin. Their knowledge and experience in Bitcoin investment are limited. Finally, curious Bitcoin investors are yet to start investing in Bitcoin despite showing interest.

Individual and Institutional Investors 

Bitcoin investors can also be categorized based on their statuses. Specifically, the investors are either individual investors or institutional investors. As the name suggests, individual investors include people who invest in Bitcoin, while institutional investors are the organizations and institutions that do the same. 

Individual investors form the larger group at the moment, although institutional investment is increasing. Individual investors have limited investment power compared to institutional investors. Moreover, individual investors tend to be short-term, while institutional investors prefer long-term investments. 


Understanding the different types of Bitcoin investors is essential for several reasons. It enhances a deeper understanding of the specific needs, interests, and behaviors of different types of investors. For instance, a crypto expert acting as an advisor to Bitcoin investors can use this knowledge to advise their clients on the best investment strategies.

The Bitcoin market and the entire crypto market are still new. Our understanding of the market is limited but is growing. And this means that we must continue researching and assessing the market to understand how investors differ as a basis for classifying them into different categories. Also, any party interested in Bitcoin investing should learn how the crypto market works to determine the best way to approach it and boost returns. 


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