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[Unlimited] Earn Upto ₹35 Free PayTM Instantly From World Trip Apk

[Unlimited] Earn Upto ₹35 Free PayTM Instantly From World Trip Apk


Download World Trip Apk

Earn ₹35 Free PayTM Instantly From World Trip App Referral Code

Download World Trip Apk, World Trip App Referral Code, World Trip App Refer & Earn, World Trip App PayTM Proof – Hello Coolz Readers!! We have posted Koo App Free PayTM Cash on your beloved blog and you guys have looted it so much. Here i am back with one more new loot app named World Trip Apk for You Guys. Unlock new and more powerful dogs merging them! Merge dogs to discover new dogs and earn Free PayTM Cash.

Try to complete the set of all breeds of Dogs on Dashboard and You can Earn Free PayTM Cash Daily. Stow your belongings and get ready to explore the world and you can use World Trip App and You can Play this anytime, anywhere. This World Trip Apk was posted 1st on net on Our Telegram Channel so i suggest you to Join Our Telegram channel so you can’t miss any more loots like this in future.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

Sign Up Using World Trip App Referral Code and You can Start Earning Daily. World Trip App is a profitable Game where you can explore world using your Dog with different breeds or Invite Friends using World Trip App Refer & Earn Program. You can Watch Ads and earn too. You need to reach and complete more and more level to earn extra Free PayTM Cash.

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World Trip App Invitation Code :

World Trip App Invitation Code 53118
Download World Trip Apk Download
Money Making Dog Reach Level 38
Daily Bonus Watch Videos + Earn Commission

Download World Trip App Earn ₹35 Free PayTM Cash :

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1. First of All Open Given Link in Your Default Browser and Tap on Register Icon to Get Started with World Trip App.

2. Open Above Link in your Phone Browser and Tap on Get Started Button.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

3. Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP and it will redirect you to play store and then Download World Trip Apk in your Device.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

4. Open World Trip App and Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP Again and Go to Dashboard of World Trip App.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

5. Go to Dashboard and Tap on Coin Button which is in Bottom Center to Bring Dogs on Boxes and then Merge Dogs to Upgrade the Breed.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

6. Merge 5-6 Dogs and it will Upgrade the Breeds. You will get a Bonus Dog to earn Extra Cash Bonus.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

7. Within 1 – 2 Minutes of Exploring App you will Flash a Message with a Free Bonus Shagun Card.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

8. Watch Ad and Then You will Receive Up To ₹8 Bonus in Your Wallet which is fully withdrawable.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

9. Go to Wallet and Enter Your UPI Address and Select Minimum Withdrawal Amount of ₹3 and Withdraw.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

10. Your withdrawal will be successful and you will receive your Free PayTM Cash instantly so here is my World Trip App Payment Proof.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

11. You can use Spin The Wheel and Daily Check In Bonus to Earn Coins to Purchase Dogs and to Upgrade Breed to earn more cash.

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

World Trip App Refer & Earn :

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash
  • Go to World Trip App Invite Friends Option from Bottom Menu
  • Share Your World Trip App Referral Code / Link with Friends
  • When your Referred Friends / Travel Partners or Fans will start watching Videos, Exploring World, Upgrade Dogs and Complete Activities you will earn Rewards
  • You can Earn up to 38 Level by exploring the World Trip App and Inviting Friends
  • You can Earn Global Bonus of ₹350/Day by just getting higher level of Dog Breeds

How To Earn More Using World Trip App? :

  • Two Dogs of the Same level can synthesize more advance dogs to obtain more gold coins
  • When the space is full in your Dashboard boxes, you can move the dog to the Recycle Bin
  • You can switch different dogs for a walk with you when you move dog with the people
  • During the Upgrading Dogs to new breed you will get a Random Dog Breed for minutes to earn More Cash
  • Upgrade to Level 38 by merging dogs to earn more income Daily

World Trip App Payment Proof :

World Trip App Free PayTM Cash

What is Money Making Dog in World Trip? :

The Money Making Dog is the only certificate to receive the dividend of advertising revenue in the travel world. The Money making Dog can get 20% of the advertising fee, you can enjoy dividends every day.

Introduction to money making dog What is a money making dog?

  • A money making dog is the only credential to share ads earnings of The World Walk. 20% of the ads earnings is distributed to all money making dog owners equally, which means that a money making dog is allocated with bonuses from the platform every day.
  • 100,000 money making dogs are available and 100 produced every day until the ceiling. Early participants enjoy more advantages.
  • The winners of a money making dog will be announced online for maximum openness and transparency.

How to get a money making dog?

  • Random from synthesizing 2 Lv. 37 dogs;
  • Generated by synthesizing the 5 dogs of “Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania”;
  • Definite by personal unremitting efforts.
    money making dogs are not available for sales to ensure fairness of all players.

How To Get Bonuses From World Trip App?

  • At 12:00 a.m. every day, the platform will automatically account the ads earnings yesterday and total number of money making dogs in the whole network to calculate the bonus allocated to each money making dog owner on that day.
  • Bonus calculation formula: yesterday’s earnings * 0.2/number of Money making dog in the whole network * number of money making dog held by the player.
  • Every day bonus will be automatically transferred to “My Wallet”and available for withdrawal from time to time.

World Trip App World Travel Tips :

If you have a higher level in the World Trip app, you will receive more money each second and will be able to complete your journey around the world more quickly. After you have finished the World Trip, you will be awarded with a money making dog that you have earned 100% of the way. As a result of your hard work, you will be able to receive the daily rewards of the money generating dog without having to pay anything.

How To Play World Trip Game? :

If you and your friends download this gaming application, you should anticipate some difficulty while actually playing the game. You are going to have a great time in this location once you have mastered the rules of this game. The gameplay of this game is very straightforward, and you will begin with two dogs. You are given 12 boxes in which to collect the dog by paying the appropriate amount of coins. After that, you are going to need to combine all of these dogs with one another, bean to bean dog. As you progress through this area, you will be rewarded with an increased number of coins, as well as an increase in your overall income.

The Basic Role :

  • Synthesizing more advanced dogs with two dogs of the same level allows for the accumulation of additional gold coins.
  • When there is no more room, you can put the dog in the trash can or recycling bin.
  • You Can Take a Variety of Dogs Out for a Walk, and You Can Rotate Which Person Your Dog Walks With.
  • During the Upgrade, you have the opportunity to receive Bonus Dog experience for a Random Amount of Minutes.
  • Increase your level to 38 and gain the ability to synthesise.

Advance Play :

  • If you invite friends to join a tour group, you may be eligible for a daily active reward. The more active friends you have, the more money you will make.
  • When you have completed all of the requirements for a stage, the money will be added to your balance where it will be available for withdrawal.
  • At each subsequent level of promotion, you become eligible for further benefits. For instance, during the first ten steps, your friends will earn ten rupees for you; if you accelerate that by two times, you will actually receive twenty rupees.

How To Earn Free Coins In World Trip ? :

To participate in the game contained within this application, you will require coin. Only through the use of coin can you participate in this game. You have access to a wide variety of features here that can award you with free coins. You can obtain free coins by spinning the wheel here. In addition to this, you have the opportunity to acquire free coins by watching the advertisements that are displayed here. Coins can be obtained for free here on an hourly basis. This application allows you to earn more free coins by completing a greater variety of its included tasks.


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