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Vadivelu who did not come to Vijayakanth’s death!.. Do you know what Mansoor Ali Khan said was poisonous?

Mansoor Ali Khan, who played the villain in Captain Prabhakaran, stood by Vijayakanth’s body from the beginning to the end at Vijayakanth’s funeral, highlighting his loyalty.

However, Vadivelu, who acted in several films through Vijayakanth and became a leading comedy actor, did not even publish a condolence record until the last time he came in person to pay his respects.

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In this case, when Mansoor Ali Khan met the journalists after the release of the film, Vadivelu asked him why Vadivelu did not come. Vadivelu was the first person to come and pay tribute to the party for which he campaigned against Vijayakanth.

Similarly, he also attended and paid his last respects to Vijayakanth with full military honours. But Mansoor Ali Khan replied that Vadivelu was not able to come.

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While Vadivelu, who acted in Mamannan this year, had come to Chennai to participate in the recent film festivals, Vijayakanth’s passing away and Vijay who was in the neighboring state came running, it is said that Vadivelu’s non-appearance has caused a huge stigma on him.

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