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Vadivelu will not come to pay tribute to Vijayakanth! Vaikaipoyal is so bad!..

Vijayakanth: Usually some people are grateful to their helpers. But, some people forget that gratitude when they grow up and move to a place. So are many in the film industry. They beg others for help in times of scarcity. But, after getting opportunities and moving up, they behave without gratitude.


Actor Vadivelu is one of them. Many people in the film industry have said this. It was actor Rajkiran who gave Vadivelu his first chance. But Vadivelu was the one who gave him some money when he was in trouble and showed it to everyone. For this he incurred the wrath of Vijayakanth.

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Similarly, when Kaundamani said that Vadivelu should not be cast in Chinna Counter, he went to Vijayakanth and called the director to compare Vadivelu and said, ‘Give him the role of standing next to me holding an umbrella’ and Vijayakanth bought Vadivelu 5 dresses and a shirt at his own expense.


Everyone knows how badly Vadivelu scolded Vijayakanth later. That is why the film industry kept him aside. Vadivelu has a habit. He would never pay a penny to any actor who starred with him, even if he was dying. Similarly, even if his co-actors die, he will not go to pay tribute. Even the deaths of Vivek, Mylaswamy, Manobala, Alva Vasu and Bonda Mani did not go unnoticed.

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Also, if any of the film industry people he knew died in Chennai, he would immediately run away to Madurai with a ticket. Similarly, if he dies in Madurai, he will come to Chennai. Alva Vasu is near Vadivelu’s house in Madurai. Vadivelu immediately came to Chennai after hearing the news of his death there.

Therefore, it is expected that Vadivelu Vijayakanth, who did not go to death, will definitely not come to pay his respects.

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