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Vaio and Gateway were at CES in all their nostalgic glory


You might not have heard the names in a while, but we all remember brands like Vaio and Gateway. They still make computers.

Back around 2002, I remember at my local community college, they used to sell their old computers when they replaced them. I got my first Gateway 2000 desktop for something like $25, and it was great. The company was acquired by Acer in 2007, and the brand disappeared over time. Back in 2020, it was resurrected.

Gateway was at CES showing off its wares, as was Vaio, another company that many have nostalgia for, including myself. I remember my local shopping mall had a Sony store, back in the early 2010s before I had even penned my first blog post. I used to browse the Sony Vaio laptops and admire their unique designs. Since then, Vaio has been spun off into an independent company.

Gateway makes budget PCs

The exciting thing about the Gateway laptops I saw was, well, that they’re Gateway laptops. Seriously, did anyone not have some kind of Gateway PC in the late 90s to early 2000s?

Other than the branding, it’s worth remembering that these are all really entry-level products, exclusively sold through Walmart. All of the products shown have an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor, including the new all-in-one that’s shown in the featured image.

The designs are really nice though. They’re plastic and they come in fun colors, and you can get things like an inexpensive 11.6-inch convertible, such as the one seen above.

Vaio makes cool laptops

There were a few Vaio laptops shown, and like the ones from Gateway, they come in fun colors.

This is the Vaio 14.1″ FE laptop, which feels pretty premium in general. It comes in colors like blue and pink, and there are more basic options as well. It includes what you’d expect from a high-end PC, such as 12th-gen Intel Core processors, up to a terabyte of storage, an FHD webcam, and more.

I purposely saved the best for last. This is the Vaio SX14. It’s the most premium of the bunch, as you can probably see from the super-thin design. It comes in colors like Urban Bronze, and it just got upgraded with Intel’s 13th-gen processors. It’s pretty cool.

That’s about all their is to it, but if you came here to see what the latest is from a couple of nostalgic brands, I hope you found it.

Did you have a Gateway or Vaio PC when you were younger? Tell us about it in the comments!


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