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Viennese companies are also threatened by cybercrime – this is how they defend against it

At the initiative of the European Union, with the participation of more than a hundred countries worldwide, Safer Internet Day will be held for the 21st time on February 6, 2024. Vienna also joined the action, as businesses in the Austrian capital are increasingly threatened by cybercrime.

According to the latest survey by the KPMG business consulting company, the number of identity theft cases in Vienna increased by 220 percent, insider threats by 209 percent, and data theft by 150 percent, compared to the previous year. “The question is not whether a person becomes a victim of cybercrime, but rather when,” says Martin Heimhilcher, head of the Information and Consulting department of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. February 6, 2024 is the Safer Internet Day, which is being held for the 21st time at the initiative of the European Union. This year’s motto of the action day is “Together for a better internet”. More than a hundred countries have joined the initiative, and Vienna is also paying more and more attention to the problem.

Heimhilcher also said that more and more companies are exposed to cybersecurity threats, especially small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have their own IT departments. In addition, the weakest link in the chain is always the person, which is why it is very important to make employees aware of the problem, to train employees in IT security and to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Regular backups are also essential, so that if something goes wrong, the systems can be restored quickly.

In Vienna, small and medium-sized businesses that have been attacked and do not have their own IT specialist can call the Cybercrime helpline of the Chamber of Commerce, where they will receive free advice on what to do. If requested, they will be directed to a nearby company specializing in cyber security, where they can receive further assistance.

And to mitigate material damage, there is cyber insurance, the development of which was also participated in by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

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