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Vijay and Prashanth bumped into each other!.. New problem in Code movie.. Popularity matters!..

In his new video, Seiyaru Balu has spoken about the clash between the two while top star Prashanth is acting in Vijay starrer The Greatest of All Time.

Prashanth, who has been talking about many things like problems in the cinema, has denied all the rumors that Prashant father tried to vacate Siyan Vikram and gave an explanation for the same. Prashant and Syan Vikram are cousins. Sian had said that I saved Vikram when he was involved in an accident, so why am I going to think of evacuating my cousin boy.

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While top star Prashanth was once a leading actor, now he is acting behind Vijay in Kot, directed by Venkat Prabhu, which has caused a lot of controversy.

When Prasanth, who came to Tirunelveli to do welfare assistance like Vijay, was questioned about acting in Vijay’s film Kot, Prasanth said without giving up his ego that he would act with Vijay and that he should have scenes on par with Vijay at the shooting spot.

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