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Vijay should not have spoken like this!.. The young director who stirred controversy..

Actor Vijay is a top star in Tamil cinema. Everyone can guess how much he has grown now. Vijay has been encouraging fans with every film. Leo is currently the most anticipated film for his performance. While three-quarters of the shooting of Leo, directed by Lokesh, has been completed with great anticipation, the rest of the shooting is taking place in different parts of Chennai.



Beyond cinema, Vijay’s vision is also towards politics. Vijay has been doing many good deeds on behalf of his people’s movement. From time to time, he gathers the fan club secretaries and conducts meetings, knowing what is needed and doing many good deeds accordingly.

In this situation, young director Vignesh Karthik has stirred up a controversy about the dialogue of one of Vijay’s films. Vignesh Karthik has acted as an anchor in several serials and produced short films and now has taken the reins as a director. His recent film Adiye was directed by him.



At this stage, a reporter asked Vignesh Karthik a question about how much politics is right for an actor. Vignesh Karthik replied, “Let’s take a film of Vijay as an example. In Sivakasi, Vijay had told Asin how a woman should be and how everything should not be. That is, Vijay would have criticized Asin’s dress and said that line at that time.”

Vignesh Karthik mentioned about this, saying that the verse spoken by Vijay at that time may not be appropriate now. Because women don’t need others to tell them how to dress and what not to wear. They have a right and freedom. Vignesh Karthik said that this can’t be fixed by talking to others, so what Vijay said at that time was very wrong.


Vignesh Karthik

But recently, Vijay’s films have been featuring lines that speak highly of women. For example Vijay will do some things against the violence against women in Master. Vignesh Karthik also said that it is highly commendable.

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