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Vijay suddenly entered the Vadivelu film festival… But what is the tragedy in this?


In the year 2008, Vadivelu played the lead role in the movie “Indralokham Na.Azhakappan”. The film was directed by Thambi Ramaiah. Manickam Narayanan had produced the film.

Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan

Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan

Manikam Narayanan got a headache after watching the screening of this film. It turned out to be a very bad movie. Also, there is no pure comedy in the film. After that, they have said that they can take some comedy scenes and combine them separately. But Vadivelu did not cooperate.

Following this, they decided to release the film without any other option. However, Manikam Narayanan thinks that if many stars are invited for the audio launch, it will help the success of the film.

Manickam Narayanan

Manickam Narayanan

Accordingly, Manikam Narayanan, who thought that Vijay and Suriya could be invited to the audio release ceremony, contacted Vijay and said that he would be very happy if he and Suriya come and release the audio. Vijay also agreed to come.

After that, Manikam Narayanan contacted Suriya and said, “Vijay has definitely said that he will come. So I will be happy if you also come”, Surya also agreed to that.



But for some reason Vijay said, “Forgive me. I can’t come” he finally said. After that he contacted Simbu and said, “I called Vijay and he said that he cannot come. It will be good if you come. Simbu immediately said ok.

After that “Indraloka Na. Alagappan” movie audio release ceremony was held. Surya and Simbu attended it. At that time, another film festival was taking place in another part of the place where the ceremony took place. Vijay was to attend the function. Then Vijay saw Manikam Narayanan and said, “You start the ceremony. I will come in half an hour.” Hearing this, Manikam Narayanan could not contain his joy.

Manickam Narayanan

Manickam Narayanan

Vijay suddenly entered the arena where the audio release ceremony was taking place as Vijay said. Seeing him enter, Manikam Narayanan burst into tears of joy.

Immediately, Vijay hugged Manikam Narayanan and said, “Don’t cry, it’s not here.” However, Manikam Narayanan cried for almost half an hour. After that, the three together released the soundtrack of the film “Indralokham Na.Azhakappan”. However, the tragedy is that the movie “Indralokadam Na.Azhakapan” was a flop.

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