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Vijayakanth father finally went to Pakalan! Can’t – Is this a situation for Rauthar’s son?

Captain Vijayakanth: Actor Vijayakanth was the biggest personality in Tamil cinema. He acted in 150 films and sat on the throne in people’s minds. He was the prince of the poor and the captain of all.

But it is sad to know that the famous man is no longer with us. Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rauthar were the epitome of friendship in Tamil cinema.

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Ibrahim Rauthar was Vijayakanth’s best friend when he was struggling in cinema. At some point Ibrahim became a big producer and all things Vijayakanth did not go beyond Ibrahim.

To that extent, he was a strong supporter of Vijayakanth. Vijayakanth has acted in many films under Rautar Films. Rauthar himself started looking after Vijayakanth’s budget accounts at some point.

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But after Vijayakanth’s marriage, their friendship began to crack. After that both of them did not speak till Rauthar’s death. Vijayakanth had come with his wife to pay tribute to Rauthar on his death.

Then Vijayakanth told Rauthar’s son, ‘I know how your father would have brought you up. So you must keep his word. If you want anything beyond that, don’t hesitate to come to me and ask.’

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Similarly Rauthar said to his son while he was there ‘Look at Vijayakanth’s hard work. How much he has struggled to reach this position. You will never see a hard worker like him. So look for someone like him.’ So both have been loving each other so much.

In this situation Rauthar Makan went to pay homage to Vijayakanth. When he went there, he felt dizzy. So he left immediately. I could not enter the crowd that was there to think that I could go back.

After that, after bringing him to the marriage hall, he thought that he should somehow see Vijayakanth one more time. But it never happened. Rauthar’s son said with great sorrow.

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