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Vijayakanth was admitted to the hospital again!

Captain Vijayakanth was recently discharged from the hospital. In this case, his family has released a shocking announcement that he has been admitted to the hospital again.

As an actor, Vijayakanth gained a lot of influence as Black MGR among the people by giving many successful films. Using the same influence, he started the DMK to do good to the people in many places.

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Vijayakanth, who stopped acting in cinema and showed seriousness in party work, became the leader of the opposition and grew up to sit in the assembly, but his health became a big obstacle to his development.

Vijayakanth, who was paralyzed in a wheelchair, was being treated in the hospital for the whole of last month. There were bad rumors about his health. But he recovered and returned home. He also participated in the meeting held in the party and announced his resignation from the party responsibilities and replaced his wife Premalatha as the DMD leader.

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Now Demuthika has announced the startling news that Vijayakanth, who was resting at home, has contracted the corona virus and has been admitted to the hospital again.

It has also been announced that Vijayakanth is being treated with the help of a ventilator due to difficulty in breathing. With the spread of corona virus on the rise again, doctors are saying that people should go to the New Year celebrations safely and it is better not to go.

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