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Vijayakumar played the role of Shivaji! So you know what name he got?

Actor Vijayakumar: Apart from being an actor in Tamil cinema, actor Vijayakumar is also the owner of the title of best character actor. Vijayakumar joined a theater company after telling his parents that he was going to act in cinema.

He was the first to get the chance to play the role of Murugan played by Sivakumar in the movie Kandan Karunu, who joined the scriptwriter Balamurugan’s drama group, but for some reason it was changed to Sivakumar.

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However, he tried not to give up. Balamurugan tells Vijayakumar that legendary director Madhavan is starting a new play and is looking for the second lead.

After that both Balamurugan and Vijayakumar went to Madhavan. After seeing Vijayakumar, he said that he can take a make-up test and asked him to give him the clothes of the character Sivaji had donned in the film ‘Raman Anenya Ramadi’.

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Madhavan has asked Vijayakumar to dress up in Shivaji’s clothes and recite the verse. Vijayakumar has also been selected for the new film to recite those lines without getting into print.

That film is ‘Bonnuk Tanga Manasu’. The first hero in it is Sivakumar. By that time, Vijayakumar had changed his name to Sivakumar for the film, avoiding his real name. As Sivakumar was already in Ponnuku Tanga Manasu, they are thinking of what to name it.

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Vijayakumar is the name of Sivaji’s character in the film, which he got the chance to act in the costume of any character. So it is said that Vijayakumar was given the same name to him.

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