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Vision Pro helps surgeons plan and visualize operations with robot

Vision Pro helps surgeons plan and visualize operations with robot


Vision Pro is being used for a wide range of applications in the field of health and medicine, with Apple highlighting an app which helps surgeons plan and visualize operations which are carried out with the help of a surgical robot.

The company says that the device is also helping to familiarize nurses with new medical equipment, in a way that reduces anxiety when they start using the kit in real-life applications …

Apple says that Vision Pro developers are creating apps which transform healthcare in a range of ways.

With the unique capabilities of visionOS, healthcare developers are creating new apps that were not previously possible, transforming areas such as clinical education, surgical planning, training, medical imaging, behavioral health, and more.

Surgical planning

One surgical planning app combines two technologies: robot-assisted knee and hip surgery, with Vision Pro.

When surgeons use Stryker’s Mako SmartRobotics for total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacements, it can help lead to better patient outcomes like less pain and shorter recovery times, compared to traditional joint replacement surgeries. With the new myMako app, Stryker is extending a surgeon’s experience in and beyond the operating room with Apple Vision Pro and iPhone. For better preparation, myMako allows surgeons to visualize and review patients’ Mako surgical plans at any time in a brilliant, immersive visual experience.

“The myMako app for Apple Vision Pro allows surgeons the ability to access intricate surgical plan details and insights at their fingertips in a 3D-native, intuitive, and dynamic way. This level of insight — anytime, anywhere — was previously not possible,” said Robert Cohen, Stryker’s president of Digital, Robotics, and Enabling Technologies. “With Apple Vision Pro, Stryker’s market-leading enabling technologies such as Mako SmartRobotics have the exciting potential to transform the way surgeons think about preoperative planning and the intraoperative experience, all consistent with Stryker’s mission to make healthcare better.”

Familiarising nurses with new medical equipment

When new equipment is introduced, conventional training can leave nurses feeling like they have the theoretical knowledge of how to use it, but not the familiarity they have with the devices it is replacing. That’s a problem the CyranoHealth app aims to fix.

Boston Children’s Hospital developed a comprehensive learning experience in a safe, universally accessible virtual environment. Created for Apple Vision Pro, CyranoHealth places a spotlight on skills related to new medical equipment, like medical infusion pumps, helping improve confidence and reduce anxiety for frontline workers, beginning with nurses. This immersive, multisensory approach allows students to familiarize themselves with the latest advancements in healthcare technology, helping to prepare them to navigate real-world challenges.

“CyranoHealth utilizes spatial computing to revolutionize the training of healthcare professionals, offering immersive, lifelike simulations to enhance learning and combat burnout. The app represents a significant leap forward in healthcare training, blending technology and medicine to create a future-ready workforce,” said John Brownstein, Ph.D., Boston Children’s chief innovation officer.

Apple goes on to describe other medical applications for Vision Pro, like viewing “immersive, interactive holograms of the human body captured through medical scans” and an easier way for doctors to complete charting tasks. Check out the full press release here.

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