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vivo X100 shows up in a live photo

The vivo X100 series is about to debut later this month and numerous leaks of the design showed us what to expect at launch day, but we’ve never seen a vivo X100 out in the wild until now. Well, a Weibo user shared a live image of what appears to be an X100 from the back.

The device shows up in a light blue color, which we’ve already seen in leaked renders, but the sparkly, concentric pattern isn’t as obvious as the renders would make you believe. The wavy forms of the back glass seem in line with the renders, though.

vivo X100

vivo X100

The camera island is as expected, except for the highlighted ring around one of the cameras, likely around the main sensor. However, it could also be due to a reflection, as the renders show no ring around either camera.

Luckily, we won’t be left guessing for much longer as the X100 family will debut on November 13.


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