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VLC, the famous open source video player, has not been updated on Android for almost a year. It is for the good of the users

VideoLAN, a VLC developer, claims that Google Play Store policies prevent it from updating VLC without leaving millions of users aside.

VLC, the famous open source video player, has not been updated on Android for almost a year.  It is for the good of the users
VLC is one of the most used video players in the world

More than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and many other millions of installations on the rest of the platforms where it is available, VLC has been one of the most used video players in the world for years.. The service, which already has more than 23 years of history behind it, is one of the best-known software elements in the world.

But your android app It is in a somewhat complicated state. If we review the app page in Google Play Storewe will see that the The last time the video player received an update was in August 2023almost a year ago. Something very unusual among software that, as is the case with VLC, has a team actively dedicated to its development.

Now, We know that the lack of VLC updates on Android has a reason. She has been her own VideoLANFrench organization in charge of the development of VLC, who has Shared via your X profile the reasons why your Android app hasn’t received updates in the Play Store for so long. AND Google has a lot to do with it.

Google Play policies prevent VideoLAN from updating VLC on Android

VLC is, as I said, a application used by millions of users around the world. It is a multiplatform video player, and its Android version is compatible with all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, televisions and more.

The organization explains that tens of millions of users still use VLC on Android devices with system versions old (prior to Android 11). Specially in Smart TV or media players several years old.

The problem is, in order to submit a new app update to Google Play, VLC must withdraw support for system versions prior to Android 11 (API version 30), thus leaving without support the millions of app users who have not been able (or wanted to) update their devices to newer versions of the system operational.

Likewise, they blame Google for want to access private signing keys of the application to be able to publish new versions of the application on Google Play, something that VideoLAN does not seem to fully agree with, as it could compromise security of the platform even though Google ensures that these keys are stored securely.

VideoLAN has the same problem on Windows, and soon on iOS

VLC is also available in the other two major operating systems, Windows and iOS. And the organization distributes its application through official stores.

However, have encountered a similar problem in the Windows Storewhere they no longer have the ability to send new application updates while still supporting older versions of the system. They explain that, in the case of the Microsoft operating system, there are also problems getting support from Microsoftand they assure that they carry about two years trying to contact developer support.

In the case of iOS, Apple still allows support for iOS versions up to iOS 9but that could change soon with an update to the technical requirements of the App Store.

How to get the latest versions of VLC without depending on Google Play

But, despite the restrictions imposed by Google, VLC development has moved forwardand the company intends to continue updating its applications, with or without help from large technology companies.

In the case of Android, the creators of the application explain that VLC can be downloaded for free and safely through F-droidone of the most popular alternatives to Google Play that exist.

Download VLC on F-Droid

The same happens with the version for Windows, whose most recent versions can be found officially download through the project website,

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