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Vodafone and Telekom also responded to today’s outages – PCW

There were also serious problems with mobile and internet services today, and the companies detailed the reasons and how they handled the problems on social media.

If you are a Vodafone, Telekom and/or Digi subscriber, you probably experienced this morning that mobile, TV and internet services are interrupted or have just become unavailable. The problem also affected several domestic websites, including the websites of Origo, Magyar Nemzet, Bors and Mandiner, which threw a 502 Bad Gateway error message.

Understandably, mass complaints started on every possible platform, fortunately this chaos did not last long, and Telekom and Vodafone also responded to the incident in a statement.

First the Telekom announced through his official Facebook profile, that his mobile service, as well as IPTV and Telekom TV services have been restored, and if anyone experiences any errors, it is recommended to restart the device. According to the post, it was caused by a power supply failure.

THE Vodafone was more talkative than that, and in the same way on Facebook, he introduced his customers to the fact that interruptions related to the availability of mobile services were caused by a power outage in one of the server centers. A few hours ago, they wrote that the staff had already fixed the problem, so everything is working smoothly, however, it is possible that the phones do not automatically connect to the network. In this case, restarting can also help, as with wired devices, disconnecting and reconnecting, which may even have to be repeated.

Recently, then one in another announcement Vodafone informed everyone that “as a result of the power outage, there may still be service outages in some areas regarding wired Internet and TV services”, and it is also possible that certain Vodafone TV interactive functions (such as the video library, the program review function and stop) may not work. They are working hard to fix the problem, so it’s worth following the developments.

At the time of writing, Digi has not issued any announcements.

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