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Vodafone TV welcomes two new temporary free channels

Vodafone TV welcomes two new temporary free channels


Every month Vodafone TV adds two new temporary channels for free. Those of April 2024 are Odyssey and Star Channel

Vodafone TV welcomes two new temporary free channels
They are now available to all television service customers.

It is tradition that Vodafone TV adds two new channels for free every month. Last month it was Warner and Historiawhich have just been replaced by Odyssey and star channelthat will be available during April. This tradition is called ‘Guest Channels’, which consists of the operator adding two channels almost every month, which are replaced the next month.

What to see in Odyssey

The first is Odyssey. Broadcasts programming culture, science and technology. It is available in the dial 22which previously belonged to Warner. Much of its programming is occupied by documentaries on topics such as virtual reality, the wild nature of the Canary Islands, the Great Australian Barrier Reef or the most imposing structures in the animal kingdom.

What the octopus taught me

Nature has a prominent space in Odyssey

What to watch on Star Channel, the new Fox channel

On the other hand, we have Star Channel. Unlike Odyssey, it focuses on television fictionespecially series, such as ‘Law’, ‘The Simpson’, ‘Shin Chan’, ‘Bones’ or ‘CSI’. Broadcasts in the dial 23which until recently belonged to History.

Homer Simpson strangles Bart

The Simpsons are part of Star Channel’s programming

Regarding this channel, we must clarify that it is the new version of the Fox channel. In 2019, The Walt Disney Company purchased 21st Century Fox. Thus, Disney obtained the main possessions of Fox, although the latter continued to exist independently, without belonging to Disney, under the name ‘Fox Corporation’.

The recently mentioned remains operational, its role in the information sector being especially notable, within the ultra-conservative spectrum. To avoid being associated with Fox (the news company)Disney chose rename Fox (the media company’s existing channel) as ‘Star Channel’. This has been the case both in Vodafone and in the other operators.

Although it operates under a different name, its content remains the same. The name change landed first in the United States and Latin America, arriving in Spain on March 11.

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