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Was this the heroine who acted in the first film of Varanam Ayaar!.. Oh why did you miss it?..

The photos of a famous actress acting opposite Sameera Reddy in the film Varanam Ayaar starring Suriya, Sameera Reddy, Kuthu Ramya and others, directed by Gautham Menon, are currently going viral on the internet.

In 2005, A.R. Ghajini directed by Murugadoss and starring Suriya, Asin and Nayanthara was a huge hit. The next year, Gautham Menon started Varanam Ayaar with Suriya.


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However, after a few days of shooting, due to some problems between the producer and the director, the film Varanam Ayaar did not take off. Gautham Menon initially thought of making the film as a romantic film with Suriya and Asin without the father character.

However, due to time delay, he introduced many changes in the story and released Varanam Ayaar in 2008. But actress Asin could not act in that film.

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Sameera Reddy was roped in to play the role instead of him. All the 3 actresses like Simran and Kuthu Ramya were perfect choices for the film. If Asin had acted, the film would have come in a different angle.

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