Technology NewsTechWatch the Realme 10 unveiling here

Watch the Realme 10 unveiling here


The Realme 10 is finally ready for its grand unveiling after weeks of teasers and we’ve saved you a spot for the official global launch livestream.

The watch party starts at 2PM (UTC +8) which is 6AM UTC and you can tune in via the stream below. This event is solely focused on the Realme 10 while its 5G, Pro and Pro+ counterparts are expected to debut in China on November 17.

We’ll have all the details about the Realme 10 on our homepage right after the announcement but let’s recap what’s expected based on the most recent rumors. Realme 10 will debut with the MediaTek Helio G99 SoC with 8GB RAM built-in and a further 8GB that’s dynamic variety expanding the total to 16GB.

We also know it will feature a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen alongside a 5,000 mAh battery and 33W charging and a 50MP main camera (here’s a sample). Pricing and availability will be shared at the event so stay tuned for that.


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