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watchOS 8 can now announce your progress during a workout

The Workout app on the Apple Watch gives users access to track a ton of different workouts. From running to basketball to swimming to yoga, Apple has put a ton of work to help you keep track of your workout progress no matter what kind of workout it is.

Up until now, in order to see your workout progress, you’ve always needed to peek at your wrist. Apple appears to be working to fix this with a new feature in watchOS 8. As spotted by 9to5Mac, watchOS 8 will announce the progress of your workout. According to the report, the feature only works when you have a pair of headphones paired to your Apple Watch, so it will not announce anything directly through the Apple Watch’s built-in speaker.

The Voice Feedback seems to happen anytime the Workout app on Apple Watch would normally buzz the user’s wrist with a status alert shown on-screen. For instance, during a running or walking workout, the user gets a voice announcement every time they complete one mile of distance. Siri will say something like, “Mile two, pace 6 minute 30 seconds.”

You also get audible alerts when Activity Rings are closed during the workout, and when the workout goal (presuming you didn’t start an Open Workout) is met.

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