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WaterMinder Update Features Redesigned Apple Watch App and More

As you can probably guess by the name, the app is a perfect way to help keep track of your water intake.

A major focus of the update is a completely redesigned Apple Watch app. On the home screen of the watch app, there is a new layout and a character where you can quickly and easily see your daily water intake.

The new home screen will also allow you to log intake for the day. And as a nice touch, you can select from one of three different layouts.

With the history screen, you can see a tooltip in the graph showing the daily total.

You can also see a suggested water intake level based on the time of day.

And the iOS version has also received new features including a new water level indicator on the main screen and the history section. You can see a suggested water level based on logs and time of day.

WaterMinder is for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and all iPad models. It’s a $4.99 download on the App Store now.

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